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BrazilianSigma posted to r/IncelTears every hour of the day. That’s not an exaggeration.

BrazilianSigma, also known as BrazilianSmegma, BrazilianSoyma and a plethora of other names, was the most active member of the incelphobic Reddit hate group r/IncelTears before being banned from Reddit for unknown reasons. He was by far the subreddit's most prolific and most active user, and was also a moderator there.

For someone who supposedly, "isn't an incel", he had quite an unhealthy obsession with incels, as evidenced by the fact that it was not uncommon for him to amass over 40 posts on r/IncelTears in the span of 24 hours. However, anyone who pointed this out in the comments of his posts is downvoted fiercely by the IncelTears hive mind. His username "Brazilian Sigma" was possibly a reference to the Brazilian Fascist Brazilian Integralism which used the Greek letter sigma as its symbol. He claims to be 6’2”,[1] but unfortunately for him, he is also 6 feet and 2 inches wide.

On November 25, 2019, he reached one million soy points on Reddit.

On March 26, 2020, he went for 5 days without making any posts on r/IncelTears or Reddit as a whole, making it the longest consecutive period that he had gone without making any posts from his account. This had led many users to believe that his inactivity was due many reasons, ranging from Roping, catching COVID-19 and not surviving, or simply being way too fat to get out of bed. On March 31, 2020 however, he came back online and made two posts to r/IncelTears. It is unknown why he was inactive before returning to his normal 40 daily posts on r/IncelTears.

BrazilianSigma is now banned from Reddit.

Personal life[edit | edit source]

During his early days on Reddit, BrazilianSigma admitted to being a 30 year old NEET who has depression and chose to stay alive by seeking medical and professional help. He also said in a response to a question to finding a relationship that he also is looking for such advice, implying he is incel. A couple of the comments appear to have been deleted by him but it was posted in this thread.

BrazilianSigma says he was born in 1988 and is 6 foot 2 inches, but he claimed to be currently NEET in his early days on reddit and implied he was involuntarily celibate. He also has depression. It is possible that he hates on incels to feel better about himself, which makes him an incel in denial.

List of nicknames[edit | edit source]

The incelosphere has come up with many creative nicknames for BrazilianSigma, including:

  • BrazilianSmegma
  • BrazilianSoy
  • BrazilianTranny
  • BrazilianShitfest
  • Bra7-1lianSigma
  • BrazilianSoyma
  • South American Smegma
  • South American Dick Cheese
  • South American Greek Letter
  • BrazilianBeta
  • Braziliancel
  • BrazilianTruecel
  • TruecelSigma
  • BrazilianTism
  • RobotSigma
  • Sigmacel
  • Favelacel
  • Amazoncel
  • UndercoverCopShootsManInFlipFlopsSigma
  • CartelBeheadsManWithChainsawSigma
  • Brazilian Watchdog
  • Brazilian Centipede
  • BrazilianCuckma
  • BrazilianStigma
  • BrazilianLigma
  • BrazilianGetta
  • BrazilianFaggot
  • Brazilian "Get a Job" Sigma
  • Brazilian "The Unemployed" Sigma
  • Brazilian "40 posts in the last 24 hours" Sigma
  • Brazilian "Reddit karma is the most valuable currency in existence" Sigma
  • Brazilian "The Gears of IncelTears" Sigma
  • Brazilian "The IT in REDDIT" Sigma
  • Brazilian "Don't Spoil the Avengers" Sigma
  • Brazilian "I want to be dominated by Amazon women" Sigma
  • Brazilian "The Incelologist" Sigma
  • Brazilian "The Celibatarian" Sigma
  • Brazilian "Where is the joke?" Sigma
  • Brazilian "Incel humor doesn't make any sense" Sigma
  • Brazilian "Bro is my favorite word" Sigma
  • Brazilian "/s" Sigma
  • Brazilian "I'm not a loser" Sigma
  • Brazilian "There is no such thing as soyboys" Sigma
  • Brazilian "Making fun of soyboys isn't funny" Sigma
  • Brazilian "I'm what they call Chad" Sigma
  • Brazilian "Double Digits" Sigma
  • Brazilian "All women are queens" Sigma
  • Brazilian "The Code Breaker" Sigma
  • Brazilian "There has to be a hidden meaning behind this" Sigma
  • Brazilian "" Sigma
  • Brazilian "Brazilian women like men without jobs" Sigma
  • Brazilian "Posted 2 seconds ago" Sigma
  • Brazilian "Spam refresh on Braincels like it's Mortal Kombat" Sigma

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