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Ableism is cruelty towards disabled people. Examples of ableists in the modern world include eugenicists and incelphobes. One clear example demonstrating that ableism is mainstream is the fact that an entire genre of comedy has been devoted to the practise of making fun of disabled people.

Example[edit | edit source]

Look for instance at the Boemerang sketch of In De Gloria who made fun of tonsil disorders and respiratory infections. You would expect such a joke in poor taste would be universally condemned. instead it became a viral meme and when all the videos of the meme are put together becomes one of the most viewed comedy videos in Youtube history.[1] Such an apathetic or even jovial attitude towards disability is one of the reasons disabledcels shouldn't be surprised when society turns a blind eye to their situation. Society is more likely to mock disabledcels than to help them.

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