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An example of a day on r/Braincels.

Braincels, or, /r/braincels, was a blackpilled involuntary celibate community hosted on Reddit. It was watched over by Saint Blackops2cel. The community was more raucous than, and a bit more calm than Before it got banned by Reddit in September 2019, it was the largest incel, "forum". The current replacement board is /r/celouts. (banned)

The fall of Braincels represented an important step in the Mentalcel Revolution.

The subreddit got an estimated 2 to 3 posts per minute and had a huge amount of lurkers. Braincels generally produced more lighthearted and tongue-in-cheek content compared to other incel communities, it largely consisted of memes in support of the blackpill and baits for /r/IncelTears.

/r/Braincels was banned from Reddit on September 30th 2019 for posting of content that harasses or bullies. Near the end of it's life, a large percentage of braincels threads was making fun of feminine men and bullying type posts using the words, "soyboy", "cuck", etc.. Something that was not common until the last year of Braincels' life.

Braincels was given no notice. Users moved to,, incelswithouthate,,, or simply stopped using incel forums. Smaller forums went into high gear to attract Braincels users, however no mass exodus happened, leaving some wondering how many real users were on Braincels in the first place.

A backup of the top posts since February 2018 exists here and a more complete archive can be downloaded here.


Creation[edit | edit source]

Braincels was created by AnathematicAnarchist before the /r/incels ban. He was later forgotten by the 'community' until he wrote a suicide letter, after which the community embraced him. He has not posted since his suicide letter. Given that a large number of suicides from r/Braincels that have been tied to real Facebook accounts, it is more likely than not that the creator of the sub did commit suicide.

First Major Moderator[edit | edit source]

The subreddit was occupied for the first half of it's life by the female head-moderator Board_Gaming who repeatedly said she did not believe in the Blackpill, posted in Inceltears, and seemingly disliked Incels. She has been believed to be autistic due to the nature of the vast majority of comments she made being of the form "I am not X" or "I do not X," which have gave rise to several mock accounts on the subreddit that imitated her. In October 2018, she stepped down as head-moderator and was replaced by u/IQ9K who appointed five new moderators to help him out. The forum then became more ban-heavy, masculinist, and content-restrictive.

Brigading[edit | edit source]

Braincels was regularly brigaded by members of IncelTears who have been rumored to post child pornography and other baits to get the forum shut down.

Positive Masculinity[edit | edit source]


The community was active throughout most of 2019 despite being quarantined by Reddit admins on September 27 2018 because of misogyny. The day Braincels was quarantined Reddit gave a link to a feminist male studies organization telling incels to learn "positive masculinity," sparking many memes making fun of the term, "positive masculinity", for it's comically vague thought-police vibe. It was later learned that the founder of the male organization that Reddit linked to, Michael Kimmel, was an alleged sexual assaulter, leading to much questioning as to whether or not Reddit meant "positive masculinity" to mean rape.

Banned from Reddit[edit | edit source]

The subreddit on September 30th 2019.

r/Braincels was banned from Reddit on September 30th 2019 for "posting of content that harasses or bullies." Master, who was hired as a mod on the subreddit a month before the ban, received a message notifying him of the closing. The message said that the creation of new subreddits to evade the ban was not allowed and that the content on Braincels was "materially incompatible" with new rules Reddit admins created for the purpose of shutting down subreddits that didn't align with their ideology.

Various external forums such as and welcomed Braincels refugees, but a second mass exodus to external forums is unlikely as r/Braincels users already knew the existence of these external forums, and r/Braincels was never really much of a solid community at any point in time. In the last few months of its existence, the subreddit was increasingly populated by alt-right types, people who bully feminine looking men, and culture warriors.

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