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Reformed Incel, aka 'Alands', is an incelologist and old-timer of the incelosphere. He is notable for having written Confessions of a Reformed InCel, one of the longest and most popular blog posts in incelospherian history. He was a member of Alana's Involuntary Celibacy Project and IncelSupport. According to him, he is still incel.

He may be the only person in the world self-identifying as incel who is also extremely feminist.

His incel history book[edit | edit source]

He wrote a pretty comprehensive history of US based incel forums calling it: The Incel Movement, A History From the Perspective of Reformed Incel, which focused on previously unpublicised details of incel forum history, all meticulously cited. Editorially, it focused on the trajectory of what Alands sees as a bad increase in the amount of misogyny on incel forums.

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