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Reddit.com/r/incels, was a short lived incel subreddit that was first active in mid-2016 after the quarantining of r/Truecels by Reddit. r/Trucels was created around January 2016. A user of Truecels and Love-shy.com named Caamib was the first active mod and poster of r/incels, and r/incels was seen partially as a quarantine evasion of r/truecels. Bargh9, the creator of r/Truecels and BornToBeIncel it's moderator were banned from Reddit during the quarantine of r/Truecels. Women were allowed on the first subs and even made mods, until the mod Azavii came along.

AutisticSubhuman and mooselimbsaretrash became moderators on r/incels after AntiModernistIncel (Caamib) "left" the r/incels mod team to avoid detection of quarantine evasion, but all three are thought to be the same accounts.

R/incels was technically created on 2nd of August, 2013 by BrokeCFO, an alleged alt of an r/SubredditDrama mod,[1] but the sub was dormant until the r/Truecels quarantine.

Other subreddits[edit | edit source]

r/Truecels may have been the first active incel subreddit, but others that existed included the most likely inactive /r/ForeverFucked, /r/normielogic/, and /r/ForeverUnwantedMen/.

r/Againsthatesubreddits were active in getting r/Truecels quarantined in 2016, so in a round-a-bout way, they are sort of responsible for what is now incels.co[2] Againsthatesubreddits complained that r/Truecels regarded Elliot Rodger as brave and a victim. Some Truecels posters indeed saw Rodger as brave and/or a victim, however they did not comment much on Elliot as a person or genuinely worship him. r/Truecels disallowed trying to incite illegal activity such as rape or murder.

BrokeCFO[edit | edit source]

BrokeCFO created many many subs just for the purpose of starting them, and did not actually engage in r/incels. He was allegedly an alt of an r/SubredditDrama moderator.[3]

First poster[edit | edit source]

Caamib was the only poster on the sub for at least a year and used the name yeathatincelblogger[4], before becoming a mod as AntiModernistIncel. According to Ryo_Hazuki, Caamib more or less started r/incels even if BrokeCFO technically 'started' it.[5]

At some point Caamib was banned from r/incels, after which the rules got more strict for a time.

Growth[edit | edit source]

In short, SJWs were mad that r/Truecels, an extremely small forum, allowed calls for the legalization of rape (even though trying to incite illegal rape was banned). So they got it quarantined. r/incels then ramped up in response, and then that was banned and incels.co was created, which now has magnitudes more members than r/Truecels ever had.

Moderators[edit | edit source]

References[edit | edit source]

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