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Rebecca (full name disclosed for privacy's sake), was a lesbocel admin of the IncelSupport forum and she had the idea that incels should be considered as their own gender. So rather than, for lack of a better phrasing, trying to put them through "conversion therapy" and become like everyone else who isn't incel, she would rather incels accept their incelibacy and go on living their life free from sexual frustration.

That attitude didn't go well with the community and she was ran out.

After an FRA against her, Rebecca lost some faith in feminism, and then started doing stand-up-comedy.

Quora[edit | edit source]

She currently uses her full name, acting as sort of a representative of incels on the public forum, "Quora", claiming the word was hijacked, rather than her being driven out of her community and then the community giving up after it's server crash in 2013 (which is what actually happened).

Quotes[edit | edit source]

[Incel is] not a movement; we have never protested or made any request for rights — or anything like that. We do not much resemble the stereotypes and tropes many feminist groups like to use against us.


[Inceldom has] likely some biological cause. Therefore, I think we should be viewed as a type of gender.” [...] “It’s worth remembering that Adolf Hitler had a partner. So did many well known serial killers and rapists. They were not dangerous because of sexual frustration or an inability to fit in. They were simply evil people.


Alana should feel no guilt whatsoever about Elliot Rodger. During the time when he was supposed to have been a member of the board, I don't believe he ever posted or made himself known to other members, and I don't think his membership lasted very long. Only propaganda (and widespread fear of those who 'don't have normal relationships' ) made Rodger a convenient scapegoat to continue to marginalise incels, who are often capable, decent human beings in every other way.


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