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The androsphere (also called the manosphere) is an umbrella term that covers many different male-dominated online communities, vlogs and blogs etc. The main reason they formed is because mainstream society seems apathetic to male-specific issues. The manosphere formed because males realized that males are disposable.

Due to the negative by-products of male disposability, many manospherian content creators, particularly vloggers, are proponents of the off-grid lifestyle as a way of guarding themselves against the negative by-products of male disposability, such as societal apathy to male-specific problems.

Proof of apathy to male problems[edit | edit source]

To anyone that wants evidence that society is apathetic to male-specific issues, look at the typical bluepilled / feminist response to male dating issues - the typical response is "so what?" or "who cares", "stop being entitled", "its the patriarchy", and other similar deflections.

Composition[edit | edit source]

Some subsets of the manosphere include mantactivists, MGTOW, TFLers, inceldom spectrum-males, hetooists, nofappers, redpillers, blackpillers, PUA, MRA's, the anti-bluepill. These androspherians are typically opposed to the pussypass, hybristophilia/scelerophilia, ravishoaxing, cacophobia, hypergamy, gynocentrism, androphobia (as well as specific forms of androphobia such as androheterophobia, androafrophobia and androethnophobia).

History[edit | edit source]

There is a noted difference in the manosphere in the compositions and interactions of different age groups in the manosphere between forums and vlogging channels, with forums having a tendency for an egalitarian relationship between different age cohorts, whilst on vlogging platforms this collaborative spirit disappears, and is replaced with a tendency for older men to provide mentorship-like comportments to younger men.[1] Some members of the manosphere attempt to highlight health issues that are emblematic to contemporary men, such as a secular decline in sperm count and serum testosterone levels.[2] [3]

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