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Many people in the manosphere and incelosphere believe that the hybristophilic aspects of Darwinian sexual selection contribute to the continued violent nature of modern humanity. Men who have meek personalities are viewed by women as wusses. One the other hand, men who are assertive, dominant, bold, forceful, and hawkish are favored by women. This means that genes associated with passivity, humility, timidity, pacifism, and mildness are not passed down to subsequent generations as often as genes associated with violence.

The legal system in the western world has created a precedent wherein female-perpetrated violence is treated differently to male-perpetrated violence. For example, the law treats rape as solely a male thing. It treats the term "female rapist" as an oxymoron, and as such, the media comes up with outlandish terms such as reverse rapist to describe female rapists. Where's the gender egalitarianism that feminists and co are so fond of there? This shows gender egalitarianism is a myth, and suggests that how you are treated by the law, or by by the media is entirely dependent on your gender, with males typically coming out worse off (see male disposability).

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