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One of the most common bluepilled vocalizations by feminists is the phrase "it's the patriarchy". The main problem with this line of thinking is that it follows the philosophy of the blank slate, also called tabula rasa. This suggests there are no innate built-in conceptualizations in the human brain. Various studies suggest otherwise.

Overview[edit | edit source]

Feminists say the phrase so often that it has become similar to coprolalia (impulsive swearing), exhibited by those with Tourette's. The Australian feminist Clementine Ford in 2019 collectivized the accountability of the various outgrowths of sexual frustration and loneliness such as friendzoning, inceldom, romantic unreciprocation and dating woes on a single culprit. Guess who that culprit is? You guessed it: "it's the patriarchy".[1]

Pattern[edit | edit source]

There seems to be a pattern when feminists write about negative social problems:

  • (civilian) What should we do about global warming?
    • (feminist) Global warming is caused by toxic attitude among men that driving 600 HP vehicles is cool; so rein in the patriarchy!
  • (civilian) There is currently an epidemic of homelessness on our streets. What to do?
    • (feminist) You should have thought about the domestic violence issues brought by the patriarchy!
  • (civilian) I believe that at the current rate, our environment will no longer be able to sustain the rate of deforestation that's ongoing. Thoughts?
    • (feminist) Well what about the patriarchy, goddammit!
  • (civilian) The recession has exacerbated the issue of hunger among the youth. What do you think?
    • (feminist) Well, a patriarch had patriarchally suggested a patriarchal food distribution that looked like patriarchalism

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