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"this is beginning to stray into RIGHTGREATWRONGS territory [...] we are not here to [ ] assuage female incels' suffering"
—GorillaWarfare trying to justify why she censors femcels

GorillaWarfare is a Wikipedian sysop and checkuser who re-created the Wikipedia incel article against broad Wikipedia community consensus after it was deleted and salted. She owns (not just stewards) the incel Wikipedia page as of mid 2018 against wikipedia conduct policy[1], writing most of the article and constantly reverting unorganized registered users on technicalities about sources like the Donnelly Study, but then allowing those sources to be used later as long as it was introduced by editors she liked. Her two favorite articles mentioned on her user page is a page on the Book of Satan (no judging, incels are edgelords too), and Cleopatra (now changed to engineer Mary Jackson). She entirely re-wrote the Book of Satan article in one go. She is relatively even-tempered in the incel talk page, but insists on keeping the page with a negative tone and using almost exclusively 2018 quick-written 'news' articles and opinion pieces from feminist editorial boards that were a kneejerk reaction to the Toronto Van Attack.

Her actions were alerted to Wikipedia's Arbcom team, which Gorilla had served as a member before, as well as the Wikipedia ANI board, which revealed that the only Wikipedia admins/editors who hadn't given up on the incel article were explicitly and proudly anti-incel, including former senior designer of the Wikimedia foundation Jorm and fellow Wikipedia admin Gamaliel who posted this misandrist and activist banner on Gorilla's talk page after an Arbcom submission was rejected for review. diff "Anti-incel" article bias activism is the Wikipedia consensus, and if you don't agree you are supposedly, "not receiving feedback".


"When academic sources are brought forth as possible citations Gorilla calls them 'fringe' and 'undue weight.' Then she and her programmer buddies explain that the article is negative because that's what the 'reliable sources' say."[1]

The degree to which 'anti-incels' are open about their internal Wikipedia activism, shows an internal bias and perhaps an internal coordination (maybe not involving Gorilla) extending to the very top of Wikipedia to keep the article non-NPOV against their own guidelines.

Gorillawarfare also centered her article around Elliot Rodger, but failed to convince the effective owner of the Elliot Rodger page to let her include a, "see also", link to her article, as the tone-policer of the Elliot Rodger page accurately pointed out that Rodger had little to no link to any incel community.

As arbitrator, GorillaWarfare recused herself from the GamerGate case.[2]

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