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BBC Three is the online branch of the British Broadcasting Corporation that in 2018 reached out to many incelistan and users about doing a documentary.

At one point, the producers reached out to a kind and mentally disabled man named Richard, a friend of Natty Kadifa. According to him, at one point, a psychologist, "had a talking to", the producers of the documentary for being sneaky and doing a hit piece on incels.[1]

Some black incel forum users have remarked that every time they unzip their pants, they have an opportunity to talk to the BBC if they want.[2]

They got an actor who was celibate for 2 years (Matt from incelistan) to be the sympathetic incel, someone banned from all incel forums (catfishman) to be an incel forum member, and an Irish ex-incel (Just James) to be a current incel. The only truecel they filmed, a mentally disabled friend of Natty Kadifa (Richard?) who lives in the UK was cut from the footage.

Framing of incels[edit | edit source]

Much of the doc is featured around Elliot Rodger and Alek Minassian, betraying incels who were assured there would be a balanced view of incels. This was especially weird as neither of those two men were members of incel forums. Only 15 or so minutes of the doc were sympathetic to incels (which is 15 minutes more than any doc so far), when Matt gave his take and during James' intro. Catfishman doesnt count as hes not even in any incel forums (and has "fucked 35 females") and Just James portrayed himself as an ex-incel..

The doc plays clips of news comparing incels to ISIS in the intro, and plays scare music throughout most of the doc. Most of the humor of incel forums was lost, which is consistent with how they approached the doc.

Catfishman calls himself a hero of the incel forums, despite being banned from all forums.

Matt said that incel was simply involuntarily celibate and that incels were not necessarily mentally ill. He also roughly cited two studies, sort of combining the conclusions of both, one from a third party Tinder study and another from an Okcupid internal study. He said in the doc that women find 80% of men unattractive on dating apps. The internal Ok Cupid study states that 80% of men are seen as below average in looks. The one from the third party studying Tinder found that 80% of men are battling for the least attractive 20% of women on the app. Matt attributed the finding to Tinder itself, but this is understandable as it seems he was asked to cite studies on the spot in the middle of Manhattan or something.

FrailPaleStaleMale was briefly included in two audio clips from a phone call with the BBC in autumn of 2018.

Behind the scenes[edit | edit source]

In October 2018, it was announced that the project had been commissioned (i.e. its budget had been approved) and that production could therefore begin. The documentary was released 10 months later, on July 14th 2019. Many people in general have expressed skepticism and suspicion about the motives and intentions of the documentarians. However, there was mild excitement for the project because the BBC actually has a research department and all other previous news pieces had been very shallow. Some incel forum users also regarded the BBC as less SJW than other outlets, and so they were more willing to interact with the BBC than say Vice.

Two previous BBC-associated teams or contractors had attempted to do preproduction for an incel doc, but none got even to the greenlit stage.

Those who work on this wiki have worked with documentarians before. Relative to other documentarians (such as a Swiss doc being made rn that is massively sympathetic to incels), the final BBC team was not particularly specific about how they would frame incels or even individual people they interviewed until two people ended up in a mental hospital during filming. They were clear during filming however that they wanted to focus on 'mental health'.

However, they did do more in depth research than a lot of places so they at least put an effort in. The BBC team spent countless hours reading incel forums, and watching incel vloggers, obscure and large. They did preproduction for 5-6 months, filming for 3 months, and editing for around 1-2 months. They said over and over and over that it would be a fair representation of incels and that incels could give their side for the first time. They said so in such a way that implied incels should be grateful for this opportunity which was a little offputting.

Total Imbecile has predicted that everyone who participates in the documentary will ascend by statusmaxxing.[3], which is a retarded claim since no one watches TV anymore, more or less BBC iPlayer as it might not even make it on TV. It was suggested that only oldcels should participate, to give inceldom more credibility.[4] Although, the BBC was only looking for youngcels as BBC3 is geared towards young adults.

At some point late into the filming, the producers asked for incels to make vlogs giving their side of the statistical arguments about inceldom. They ended up not pursuing this route, for unknown reasons. They did however include a Canadian feminist PhD for some reason, whose main contributions were the brilliant perceptions that many incels feel alone and isolated from society, that many are mentally ill, and calling for incel forums to be monitored with the same scrutiny by authorities as they put Islamic fundamentalist forums under.

The interviews with incels were personal type interviews and rarely breached controversial, intellectual, or deep topics (beyond muh mental health, confidence, and feelings). The blackpill or lookism weren't mentioned at all apart from a short aside by one incel regarding the Pareto principle.

At some point someone from this wiki was asked by one of the BBC team members who the, "bad guys", and the, "good guys", in the communities were. Because the wiki admins dont view anyone in the world as evil, it was impossible to give an answer.

Here is a clip that was discussed about the BBC incel documentary. Frail gives insight about the snake oil that was sold from the BBC along with Catfishman acting autistic as always

(It's around the 4:00 mark)

Attempted Appearances[edit | edit source]

Natty Kadifa and a legally retarded man named Richard were interviewed in person for the doc for an hour and a half. The entire thing segment scrapped for unknown reasons.

Richard is a highly sympathetic character (shown in the video below).

Everyone who didnt agree to be interviewed in person without a face blur or skype was scrapped from the doc.

Vlogger IceCat7 was interviewed but ended up in a mental hospital after his filming. This possibly prompted the producers to remove footage of him. Vlogger and forum admin William Lupinacci was interviewed, but ended up in a mental hospital during filming, prompting the producers to agree with William to scrap the footage. Stephen from Incelistan was interviewed but not in it.

JeffGoldblumInTheFly claimed to have declined an interview.[5]

Monday FA Monday was rejected as a possibility by the BBC for being too old. Jsanza29 and Kent contacts were attempted by the BBC but failed. Virgin Messiah declined. HeedandSucceed declined temporarily.

Shihab from incelistan was preinterviewed but was not filmed later.

Jude from incelistan was preinterviewed but the BBC team deemed him, "too boring", for being a hikikomori.

FaceandLMS declined twice.

Initial reaction[edit | edit source]

Kiwifarms, an anti-incel site, called it incelsploitation.[6].

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