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Aramar Jadavra a.k.a. Mikey Blayze was a former editor of He is a public figure and vlogger who previously discussed looksmaxxing and aesthetics related topics, with the content of his videos shifting over time to cover more esoteric concepts.[1] As of 2022, he calls himself Zazzul Alaman Alwazayzon, a name (or title) that he claims has mystical significance.

Ideology[edit | edit source]

He is a sexually successful Black American man with no political ideology. He once took a political test that put him closest to the extreme environmentalist 'deep ecology' ideology, suggesting an interest in environmentalism. He has an obsession with physiognomy, third-world beauty, and an obsession with the Western masculine sexual form. He donates blood plasma for money and says he has had random women on the street propositioning him for sex.

During his time on the Wiki he was a notable advocate of employing 'game', fashionmaxxing, gaitmaxxing, voicemaxxing, mewing and other 'redpill' type techniques to improve men's sexual and reproductive success. This sometimes brought him into conflict with other editors.

He was also an advocate of 'homochad theory', or the idea that bisexual or gay men are generally more sexually attractive to women and/or sexually successful with women compared to purely heterosexual men, and that the majority of male models discussed on blackpill/lookism forums are in fact homosexual/bisexual.

Jadavra was also obsessed with maximizing reproductive success and analyzing the traits and trends driving fertility differentials among various demographics across the world. He himself has successfully reproduced. As of 2022, he seems to have shifted to a more anti-natalist position.

In one of his most popular videos, he discussed the dogpill, or the idea that a large portion of women are sexually attracted to dogs and other animals.[2]

Maxxing attempts[edit | edit source]

He stated that in his youth he struggled with women. He has claimed his physical femininity and lack of assertiveness were large factors that hurt his prospects with women. He later took anabolic steroids, which he said masculinized his voice and gave him the sexual aggression needed to pursue women, among other physical changes, thus ending his involuntary celibacy. He asserted the effects of the compounds he took were like a 'second puberty'. He also lifted weights and further looksmaxxed in general during this period of his life.[3]

He has changed his full name unofficially multiple times to make him seem more sexually attractive.

In July 2020, he purchased a sling (like as in a sling for a broken arm), despite not needing one, for the purposes of attracting women. This may have been after hearing that the infamous serial killer Ted Bundy adopted this technique to lure his victims in and make himself seem harmless. The TFL vlogger Hell by the Dashboard Light also suggested that men adopt 'broken bird wing game' as a way to attract women, as they are supposedly drawn more towards men that seem physically non-threatening. It is rumored he even considered purchasing a wheelchair to further pursue this theory.

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