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Losermaxxing is a blackpilled YouTuber and and long suspected mentalcel/fakecel from the US. [1]

He is 35-year-old white self-proclaimed loser, standing 6'2'' while being a virgin with no friends. He thinks he is somewhere in the autism spectrum, describing himself as highly inhibited in social functions, indicating mentalceldom.

Women contact[edit | edit source]

After having accidently punched another guy in his boxing gym classes (Losermaxxing got knocked out by him afterwards; he cried and felt embarassed afterwards) and erroneously getting his gym membership cancelled, a friend of an asian girl - who is a young (around college age) attractive woman - asked for his number for her asian friend, claiming that she kept an eye on him in the gym. [2]

After giving her his number, the asian girl texted him a few days later. They wrote for days but on one cccasion he couldn't handle the situation, saying it's over and that he blew it because he didn't text her back (expecting her to infuriate due to his passiveness; she didn't) since he started to smoke weed again (he is inclined to addiction; when he has weed, he does every attempt to consume it as fast as possible), yet it didn't make much of an differen ce because at the end, they're deciding to go on a date. [3][4]

After his temporary ghosting, he unspecifically asked her for a date, and she double-texted, writing she wondered when he is gonna ask her out eventually and "YES lol".[5]

After having told family members with excitement about his upcoming date and having searched for good clothes for his date, he facetimed with the asian girl, but as soon as she saw him, she got disgusted and instantly hung up. He asked via text what's wrong and she didn't reply. The most probable outcome is that she has mistaken him for another person.[6]

Mentalcel and fakecel accusations[edit | edit source]

It was assumed that he either is a mentalcel or fakecel and before his video stating his date got cancelled due to his face while facetiming, truecels and even normies thought so as a majority. It was believed that he proves the Just Be White Theory.

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