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However as of 2019 Lachoski only qualifies as an 8th deciler, and is known as a Pretty Boy or Chadpreet. 10th decilers are excessively tall, muscular, and have the most robust, warrior type skulls in comparison to 8th decilers.

if you consider men of his age, Chico increased his percentile: how many 30 years old men have such low bodyfat, such low low norwooding and such great forward growth?

I think the content of this page requires to be changed

Clarifying the difference[edit source]

We can make this more clear.

"10th decilers are excessively tall, muscular, and have "the most" hype masculine faces, and robust, warrior type skulls in comparison to 8th decilers. Gigachads are the most physically attractive men to have ever walked the Earth, thus Gigachads pictures float around on the internet years after their prime, and death."

For convenience warrior skull is explained here

Example of undisputable gigachad here (Prime Fabio) Commercial 1: Commercial 2:

Pic of extreme facial masculinity (Prime Fabio) :

Lachowski is not "excessively muscular" nor does the man have "excessively" hyper-masculine facial aesthetics as in one of the most masculine faces in the world.

Gigachad is a Chad whom is within the top 0.000001% of physical attractiveness.

There are 7.7 billion people on earth. Half are males, so divide by 2. 3.85 billion. Only half of those men are grown. 385/2 = 1.925 billion males on the dating market. 1,900,000,000 x 0.000001 = 19,000 Gigachads spread over 240 countries world wide. Their rarity is to highlight the insane amount of uniqueness.

Furthermore an argument can be made that Chico is a nine, now that the guys older, with a Hollywood stubble. However a similar argument could be made that the guy is now just a better looking 8.

The fact that there is any dispute whatsoever automatically disqualifies the guy from Gigachad status since even back in the early days unanimous agreement is a requirement for the title.

Updating the Chico's ranking to 8-9/10

Mikey (talk) 14:26, 14 November 2019 (UTC)