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Demisexuality is a form of sexuality wherein an emotional connection is required in order to feel sexual arousal. As such, demisexuality is the form of sexuality which is associated with commitment. Demisexuality contrasts with the opposite sexuality, called allosexuality. The antonym of "demisexual" is "allosexual".

The reason why demisexuality is glorified in western society, whilst allosexuality is demonized is because the former is associated more with women, whilst the latter is associated more with men.

Overview[edit | edit source]

The term demisexual is almost synonymous with sapiosexual, although the latter is mixed with a tinge of IQ. In practise, women are more likely than men to be demisexual, and as such, to demand intimacy, but won't exactly use that term. Instead, you will hear verbose, subjective and abstract demands that may sound something like:

  • "I want you to make more effort to see me"
  • "I want you to try call me more"
  • "I want a deeper connection"
  • "I want you to show me that you love me"
  • "I dont want anyone else but you"
  • "I feel like you're all I need"

All of the above phrases seek to tie the man down; this may mean mariage or an exclusive relationship. The last two are the most indirect, but it pressures a response from the man (or the allosexual woman) to say the same thing.

Although intimacy and a desire for an emotional attachment aren't exclusive to demisexuals, what differentiates demisexuals from allosexuals is that for the former, deep intimacy is a requirement to grool (for females) or to get a boner (for men).