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Moralcel observations[edit | edit source]

Did you delete this article? Altmark22 (talk) 09:50, 2 July 2022 (UTC)

CSR Selection Theory vs r-K Selection Theory (Life History)[edit | edit source]

Isn't CSR selection theory mainly used in plant biology? Is there any good stuff on it in animals? Would be good to link on the Life History Theory page in the relevant section. Altmark22 (talk) 09:17, 2 July 2022 (UTC)

Moral Foundation and its Trifecta Reduction[edit | edit source]

w/Politics or w/Life History Theory (being high in all the moral foundations, so more towards 'conservative' (but not libertarian or liberal) is linked to slower life history speed in some studies, I think using the Arizona K-Battery). Though some (Michael Woodley) have argued it's not really differentiated much by politics but more by investment into the moral foundations. So apolitical people would be the faster life history people on avg. Still would be good to touch upon there. Altmark22 (talk) 09:48, 2 July 2022 (UTC)

Wheat Waffles' "Indicators of Interest" and Scientific Merit[edit | edit source]

  • Skin Contact Metrics has been measured by region
    • Female in particular
    • To be tested: Possible quantification of region favoritism in a "Fencing Score" manner.
    • If "Partner": Anywhere goes
    • If "Friends": Palms, Arms and Face are allowed, Occasionally Torso and Legs, No Chest/Groin
    • If "Acquaintance": Palms are allowed, Occasionally Arms, No Torso, Legs or Chest/Groin
    • In order of Closeness: Chest/Groin > Torso/Legs > Face > Arms > Palms
  • Proxemics as an indicator of closeness
    • Time needed to befriend
    • Characteristic of each distance
    • Friend Prefix
  • WheatWaffles
    • Emotions: High Arousal and Valence for "Chads", Low Arousal but High Valence for "Normies", Low Valence for "Subfive"
    • Physical Contact: Excuse for contact and accentuation of beauty for "Chads", Misaligned Foot, Head or Naval for "Subfive"
    • Psychological: Female Approach and Negatives as Positives for "Chads", Soft Rejections for "Normies", Social Shunning and Positives as Negatives for "Subfive"

Add to indicator of interest. This would also be good to add: Altmark22 (talk) 09:20, 2 July 2022 (UTC)

Viewing Male Requirements from the eyes of women[edit | edit source]

How to prove that what women want is extremely rare, if not impossible. AKA "Pick Two" memes.

  • Chads vs "Soft Boys" vs "Nice Guys"
  • With more ways of sub-detailing the three traits and
    • "Nice Guys" ("respectful"): The clinger / The parental seeker (Translation: I do not like men with good intentions) =>
    • "Soft Boys" ("financially responsible"): The unavailable man / The mentally ill man (Translation: Please provide me more than your Buxx AND your attention) =>
    • Chads ("attractive"): The man with the hidden life / The violent man / The predator (Translation: Chad will not treat me like a Queen) =>
  • Their conceptualization of "Pink Pill Truths"
  • Their Tactic of "Ignoring bad men, whilst can't find good men"
    • Claim: Smarter women are less prone to predatory behavior, Ignore predatory men
    • Claim: Social Media is Pavlovian to women, so block men who leave women on reading
      • Refutation: This attitude trains men into Pavlovian conditioning, making them less desirable in the BetaBuxx front
    • Claim: Emotionally isolate men til they demonstrate value
      • Refutation: This trick mainly works on women, but not men. CRP's "treat nerds like women" claim
      • Refutation: A man who is highly desired would have other options and can move on
    • Claim: Don't stop chasing the ideal handsome prince
      • Refutation: SMV is related to mainly Age in women (for both Short-Term Relationships and Long-Term Relationships)
    • Problem: Inability to stop "Pickme Behavior"
    • Problem: "Strength & Independence" attracts "Losers" (Agepill-based Tutorial Island aka Oedipal Complex)
    • Them thinking that The Wall or Milkmiring is not real
  • Claim: Non-Endorsement of Casual Sex will attract good men
    • Refutation: Those who do not care about sex are likely to be highly religious and reciprocal, therefore would not want Career Women
    • Claim that this is true (religious organization survey)
    • Refutation Validity: The desire for a stronger relationship is best aided by sex between one to three months
  • Their definition of "Value" is their Ego rather than Work/Utility/Status
  • Their anti-fuckboy cope
    • Sexual Imprinting Theory?
  • They want bigger penis size in order to accept sex
    • Refutation: Females are just generally less likely to orgasm, and they fake orgasm on attractive males
  • Non-Endorsement of BDSM especially when the male is dominant
    • Problem: Gated BDSM Practitioners are generally more attractive, dominant and wealthy

A lot of these links are dead or links to random shitty blogs. But there is some stuff that could be of value, particularly on the 'femoid' page. Altmark22 (talk) 09:22, 2 July 2022 (UTC)

TomBoy Oneitis and Relation to Feminism[edit | edit source]

Male feminization leads to both belief in Monogamy

Very good study to add to the 'Slut' article. Altmark22 (talk) 09:31, 2 July 2022 (UTC)

"Gay Best Friend" Phenomena[edit | edit source]

Tomboyism as the "Dyke Tyke" phenomena can be reversed as the Gay Best Friend. "Fruit Fly", "Fag Hag", "Flame Dame" etc. are all named for the same issue of Gays and Heterosexual Women. People has made claims that it has a biological component. This is claimed to be caused by the absence of dating motivations. This is the "Friend" rather than "Lover and Provider" Dynamic that The Power Moves hinted at.

If that is the case, why are lesbian female and heterosexual women pairings less talked about?

BlackPillScience Updating of Paper Inventory[edit | edit source]

War on Tomboys as Proxy to "Revolt Against Society"[edit | edit source]

The arguments put forth by (the Complementary Argument)

  • The ones that are attracted to Tomboys are effeminate men
  • Tomboys are effectively a fetish
  • There is a causal link between Tomboys and effeminate men
  • Tomboys are less likely to be motherly (more likely to be effectively infertile), thus aiding modernity
  • (Lack of noting whether there is a mating mechanism behind this)

The arguments put forth by Vee (the Assortative Argument)

  • Tomboys are attracted to masculine men
  • Effeminate men are just salty that they cannot have the "physique" OR the women
  • Effeminate men are the main agenda of modernity (ease of conquering)
  • The private space of mating and reproduction shall not be infringed
  • (Lack of noting whether Tomboys and Infertility are part of modernity)

The aggregate idea of the two videos:

  • There is a "balancing loop" effect on male and female masculinity preference (Masculine woman want Masculine men, Masculine men want feminine women)
  • There is a rift between Tomboyism and Effeminate men as the main source of the reproductive decline, but there are clear signs that Tomboyism/Feminism moves first.
    • First Wave
      • Tomboyism started with the 19th Amendment (1919-1920)
      • Effeminate men started with the Homophile movement (1945–1969)
    • Second Wave
      • Female career path started with The Equal Pay Act (1963) in the midst of the Homophile movement
      • Effeminate men's Gay Liberation Movement started after 1969
    • Question: what is the percentage of biological males and females in these "Gay" organizations again?
    • Yes, Masculinized women are mostly feminists
  • How do Social Media (e.g. TikTok, Instagram) and Dating Apps (e.g. Snapchat, Tinder) affect sexual dynamics?
    • Problem 1: Masculinization dictates Short-Term Mating Preference, Feminization dictates Long-Term Mating Preference
    • Problem 2: Masculinization, Feminization and Parenting Effort

"Thousand Yard Stare", "Thousand Cock Stare" and Trauma[edit | edit source]

"Thousand cock stare" are a side effect of women who are abused by family, then proceeds to cope with casual sex

There is the idea that the "thousand yard stare" are a side-effect of shell-shocked military men, and is seen as a definitive. But as a study on Ugandan children (both gender) demonstrated, PTSD is correlated to prenatal feminization factors, which suggests that those that, rather than people acquiring PTSD through war alone, it is biologically unsuitable men (men not fit for war) who acquire PTSD. - Postcel

If the theory that PTSD is caused by genetics of hormones in relation to longer Life History (or K-selection), then it is safe to assume that this is also the cause of the "thousand cock stare" is caused by girls that are intended to be "boomer-conservative" marriage having sexual imprints on their abusive family members or sex offender. If that is the case, it is warranted that those that can have the stare should be deserving of help and pity, rather than scorn for their past body count (to prevent future body count).

I would propose making this into an article, doesn't matter if it's very good or not at first, as it is a popular manosphere/adjacent circles topic.Altmark22 (talk) 08:58, 2 July 2022 (UTC)