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Absolute Beginners forums

Parsimonyforum 3708ohne-erfahrung.deLonesome.atbeziehungsunerfahren.de




IncelSupport (Reformed Incel, Talmer Shockley, Rebecca) • r/Truecels (Caamib) • Reddit#Incel-themed_subreddits_and_banningsr/Incels (Azavii, Caamib) • Incel.life (DailyDialectic) • Truecels.org Braincels (AnathematicAnarchist) • Alana's Involuntary Celibacy Project (Alana, Reformed Incel)

ONLY USE THIS FOR NOTABLE PEOPLE, DO NOT ADD FORUM MEMBERS WHO HAVE NO PUBLIC PRESENCE OUTSIDE THEIR RESPECTIVE FORUM OR ANY POSITION OF AUTHORITY. If you have made a Forum-Admin-related page please add it to this list under the appropriate section.