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r/IncelsWithoutHate is one of the largest incel forums as of 2020. It is mostly a place for trolls from banned subs to complain about incelswithouthate, sadpost, and catastrophizepost because they can't angrypost about inceldom on Reddit anymore. These same posters will generally downvote threads on their own sub, almost like they are protesting the fact they have to use incelswithouthate.

The admins also regularly let their users insult them and downvote them.

Ideology[edit | edit source]

It has become more of a blackpill sub since mid-2020, since the blackpill subs were banned across the board in mid-2020, with almost no purplepill posts. This despite the fact they have an image of purplepills on their banner.

Moderatorship[edit | edit source]

It is adminned by various people who have been posters on inceltears or who advertize incelexit, two anti-incel subs, along with a few genuine incels.

Other Content[edit | edit source]

Its content covers a wide variety of topics. Some threads ask for advice regarding inceldom or depression. Others present studies related to virginity or sexual attraction. Generally though, it receives little attention compared to other forums such as and Braincels.

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