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Name: Christine Weston Chandler
Date of Birth: February 24, 1982
Occupation: Artist and Comedian
Ethnicity: White

Christine Weston Chandler (formerly Christian Weston Chandler, and often known by her nickname Chris Chan) is an artist, fabulist, incel, incelcore pioneer, and cyberbulling victim. Her entire life post 2006-ish is documented by Kiwi Farms, Gamer From Mars, and CWCki: Official Chris Chan Wikipedia.

History[edit | edit source]

Christine is an uber-nerd with severe autistic traits along with signs of Maladaptive Daydreaming affecting her ability to perceive fiction from reality. Chris has had multiple dates and has been laid at least twice in her entire adult life. Until her arrest in August in 2021, Chris had experienced multiple rejections from women and had made several cringey attempts of attracting mates which had all failed and had gotten her banned from various favorite locations such as GameStop.

Christine is well-known for her comic creation, Sonichu, centered around a hybrid character of Sonic the Hedgehog and Pikachu. The Sonichu comic's eccentric art and storyline got attention from 4chan after finding a YouTube video of Christine being eccentric and generally homophobic which became a minor 4chan sensation. 4chan and various bullies pulled pranks including, but not limited to: various A-logging, including catfishing Christine through entire fake relationships affecting her mental state, and destroying her favorite medallion with a hammer then sent the video of the destruction to Christine in the mail.

Christine always responded to the trolling which encouraged the creation of an entire website devoted to bullying her and documenting Christian's mental deterioration and life trajectory on

She became a trans-woman in 2016 and still is slowly regressing back due to her HRT being suspended. Despite her transition, she has not made anymore success with women at all. Officially, the State of Virginia recognizes Chris as "Male" on her arrest record despite her fans demanding otherwise.

Christine at one point got a piercing on her taint which became infected. Later as the infection developed, her taint rejected the piercing. Christine was listening to a 'binaural beats' YouTube video meant to hypnotize someone until their penis turns into a vagina. Christine thought she was growing a vagina and showed off her possibly infected taint gash on Facebook as her new vagina. People were quick to worry, as many people care for Christine and make a point to watch out for her, and a few people made sure she went to the emergency room.

  • a Class 5 misdemeanor charge - Failing to stop after an accident where the damage exceeds $1,000 in value, which was amended to a misdemeanor
  • a Class 6 misdemeanor charge - Assaulting a law enforcement official. This occurred when Christine's mom attempted to prevent the police from arresting her. Amended to Misdemeanor. A plea bargain was reached and both Christine and her mom were sentenced to community service.

Despite suffering from social rejection in her younger years, she was able to form friends despite many of these "friends" & "gal-pals" were paid by her dad. In retrospect, her parents are the true neglectful degenerates in Chris's life. Even though changing their ways from authoritative parenting to neglectful parenting would help become better parents. Instead the parenting style turned the growth in a different direction.

Love Quest[edit | edit source]

As a socially awkward autistic man, Chris struggled with loneliness in her pre-transition days and often expressed her desire for a female companion. Though she had a female friend group whom she dubbed her "gal pals", the relationship was mostly parasocial in nature and they did not have much contact outside of school other than Chris's 18th birthday party.

By 2003, Chris was a student at Piedmont Virginia Community College in Charlottesville, Virginia, where she still presented as male. On her 21st birthday in February of that year, she launched her search for a "boyfriend-free girl" in a saga that Chris would dub the "Love Quest". However, this quest was hindered by what she referred to as the Infinitely High Boyfriend Factor: the extreme likelihood that any woman to whom she spoke would already have a boyfriend. Another similar term coined by Chris is noviophobia, which referred to her fear of a woman she talked to already having a boyfriend.

Her first idea, implemented some time before or during October 2003, was to create an "Attraction Sign" which she would show around her college campus to attract women's attention, advertising Chris as a "21 and Single White Male" seeking a "cute 18-21 single female companion". The sign would be short-lived, however, as Mary Lee Walsh, the school's Dean of Student Services, confiscated the sign and tore it up in front of her. Chris would try again multiple times to find a girlfriend using this method, only to be confronted by Walsh each time. This chain of events led to Chris harboring a deep resentment for Walsh.

After the turn of the new year, Chris changed his strategy, opting to hang copies of Sonichu's News Dash around campus. This publication was a newsletter by Chris containing poetry and other information relating to her Sonichu comic. The newsletter also contained a personal advertisement for Chris, not unlike the Attraction Sign. The first issue of Sonichu's News Dash was printed in January 2004, but by February, Mary Lee Walsh put an end to this as well. It was also around this time that Chris opened an account on the dating site in order to aid in her Love Quest.

In the summer of 2004, Chris once again tried her luck at finding a boyfriend-free girl using the Attraction Sign, this time at the Charlottesville Fashion Square shopping mall. This did not yield any results, leading to Chris devising a new plan, which she called the "Red String of Fate". This tactic would entail a paper heart attached to a string which Chris would throw at women, and when they would pick it up, she would pull the string and "reel them in". Chris began using this strategy on August 1, though the string was confiscated by a mall security guard on August 5, leading to her ditching the idea. Chris would allegedly go on to continue soliciting with the Attraction Sign, but was stopped by police officers whom she derisively referred to as "jerkops".

Around this time, Chris met a woman named Megan Schroeder at a video game store. The two bonded over their mutual passion for trading card games and struck up a friendship. However, despite Megan making it clear that she did not want a romantic relationship with Chris, Chris kept on making advances on Megan, further straining their friendship. Things came to a head in 2007 when Chris uploaded a pornographic drawing of herself and Megan online, horrifying her. Megan cut off contact with Chris in April 2008.

As Christmas of 2004 approached, Chris was hopeful that Santa would bring her a girlfriend and recorded a video asking him to bring her one. She even wrote about her desire for a boyfriend-free girl in a Christmas card to her father, which he read aloud on film. After the gift opening, Chris recorded another video, expressing her dismay about not receiving a girlfriend for Christmas.

After the new year, Chris continued his usual strategy of looking for a girlfriend at Charlottesville Fashion Square, though he had switched from using signs to simply pacing around the mall. She caught the attention of Anna McLerran, a mall employee whom Chris saw as a potential girlfriend until she revealed that she was a lesbian. A blog post was written by Anna about the encounter on February 5, referring to Chris as the "Crazy Pacer".

In March, Chris's Love Quest was seemingly over at last when another mall employee, Hanna, asked her out on a date, much to her elation. However, it had turned out that Hanna only did so as a prank and was not actually romantically interested in Chris. Chris's subsequent outburst led to her being banned from the mall.

Over the next few months, Chris once again attempted to find a girlfriend using the Attraction Sign, this time at a Wal-Mart and a McDonald's restaurant. However, conflicts with staff ultimately resulted in her getting banned from both places.

Starting in late 2007, after Chris became an internet sensation and an article about her was created on the satire website Encyclopedia Dramatica, Chris received a great deal of attention from Internet trolls pretending to be single women, the most notorious of which included Blanca Weiss, Vivian Gee, and Julie Milvana. This sort of trolling would continue throughout the "Classic Chris" era, which lasted until her father's death in 2011.

Barring a brief stint in 2009 and 2010 in which Chris was seen around Charlottesville soliciting a girlfriend as she had done in the early 2000s, her Love Quest would mainly move online, where she would enter "relationships" with trolls posing as women with the intent of using her for their own entertainment. Though attention from trolls had waned over time, Chris's online attempts to find a girlfriend continued through the early to mid 2010s.

In 2017, by which time Christine had transitioned and began presenting as female, a group of internet trolls known as the Idea Guys began role playing as Chris's imaginary friends whom she believed existed in different dimensions. By early 2018, the Idea Guys had psychologically manipulated her into believing she is in a polyamorous marriage with multiple fictional characters, putting an end to the Love Quest after 15 years.

Present Day[edit | edit source]

On 1 August 2021, Chris was arrested for having sexual relations with her own mother and spent the next few months in jail. Her delusions intensified, believing that she is the reincarnation of Jesus and that all her creations (Sonichu, Rosechu, etc) have become real through the “Dimensional Merge”. On 27 March 2023, Chris was released from jail. She is not known to have used the internet since, although she has been spotted in public a few times. As of August 2023, all charges against Chris have been dropped and he has been seen in public several times wearing his famous necklace and shopping. On October 17 2023 he posted "Setting the Record straight-there never was any sex involving me in 2021" where he addresses his jail time, the charges with Barbara, and the call with Bella.

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