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Incelicide or incelocide refers to the mass killing of people on the inceldom spectrum. It was the manner in which some governments used to deal with a surplus of low-tiered omega males in their societies in times past: by sending them off to die in wars. Some incelospherians believe that a more explicit offensive against male virgins, male singletons and those in the inceldom spectrum is bound to occur in the not-too-distant future. A notable promoter of incelicide is Maya Bharatiya who proposed such in May 2018 in an article for The Odyssey Online.[1] Someone who has promoted similar, but indirect harm against people on the inceldom spectrum is Ellen Pao, who suggested involuntary celibates be fired from their jobs.[2] Although Pao's proposal that incels should be jobless is not necessarily a death sentence, several studies have shown that unemployed people live shorter lives.[3] The existence of poorcels also suggests that moulding inceldom-experiencers into destitution only reinforces their inceldom. Other notable feminist advocates of incelicide include Vintologi.

US Air Force base briefing on incels as dangerous[edit | edit source]

Personnel at Joint Base Andrews in Maryland were given to a "threat" brief regarding an "increase in nationwide activity" by self-described incels. Incels were described as protected by the first amendment, but dangerous and with extremist ties.[4] A becky vs. stacy meme was included in the brief. This led to questioning within incel forums as to whether or not your average late virgin would be subjected to air force drone strikes. Also of course the air force capitalized incel. They also mispelled and misnamed Someone at the air force was apparently bored.

Feds allegedly move in on Eggman[edit | edit source]

In early 2019, according to Eggman, the Feds allegedly tell Eggman that he will be held legally accountable if a virgin who he has ever talked to randomly does something criminal. And this is due to a rap song that Eggman made about Alek Minassian. sources: [1][2]

tldr a group of feminists working for Trump allegedly bully Eggman for making a rap song that glorifies mass murderers less than Eminems track, "Greatest", or, "This is America" by Childish Gambino.

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