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You think a woman that can't get laid doesn't exist?

5 syllables: neurofibromatosis. It is the most ugly, disfiguring genetic disorder known to man. You will run away in fear, or possibly shoot a woman walking toward you with this condition.

A deformed woman with healthy skin is a 1/10 on the Decile Chart. A Lizzy Vasquez will still get laid, because of men's thirst.


Only a woman with horribly disgusting lesions covering her entire body (0/10 on the decile scale, possibly lower) can't get laid. Though there are cases of women with more 'moderate' symptoms of this condition that have successfully been involved in romantic relationships and have even borne children (despite the disorder being hereditary).[1]


The aforementioned description describes a truefemcel; she is a "1" on the decile scale. In a nutshell, the truefemcel is the feminine version of the truecel. The truefemcel experiences the most veracious form of femceldom (female inceldom) among women.

The best way to discern whether a truefemcel is resentful of people who manage to enter romantic relationship is to check for usage of the term sex haver. If she uses it, then yes, she's resentful. of all the various women on the totem pole (decile), truecel women are the most likely to adopt notions associated with the pinkpill.


The various memes pertaining to the truefemcel depict her with various archetypes:


One of those archetypes features her as either deformed, or as a legbeard whose werewolf syndrome level aesthetics are so severe, she probably has hypertrichosis.


The other archetype depicts her as a witch. Check out the "Witch" article for more information.


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