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Phoebe (aka Femcel Phoebe) is a femcel mascot found on trufemcels. She is drawn as a 5'3" pug-nosed acne-ridden brown-skinned brunette with hair bundled into odango. She can be shown with or without glasses, and tends to wear sweatshirts or hoodies.

She is notable for the rage-inducing hypocrisy often associated with her use, since while many celibate men find her cute and would love to have a girlfriend who looked like that, the men she is paired with by female artists are always handsome, tall, unblemished and white.

She appears to have been made by "GreenTeaApplePie69" who prior to posting Phoebe on October 20th, had posted a different character, "Pick-me Penelope", on the 13th.

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