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Rapey (formerly NearCels and ForcedBanana) was a parody site started in December 2019 where users LARP and play up to the negative stereotypes about incels that communities like Inceltears propogate as a means of posting bait to cause freakouts at IT.

Links to it are constantly peppered at places like incels.co to try and get more people to LARP and more IT lurkers to freak out.

It appears to be run by Nathan Larson.[1] Briefly there was going to be a spinoff, FlowerGirls, run by a girl who wanted more secure settings for members' privacy, but she quit after callers to a podcast chastised her for her involvement.[2]

The forum ran until late 2020 but was closed as of early 2021.

Former URLs[edit | edit source]

All retired:

  • forcedbanana.com
  • nearcels.com
  • rape.su
  • rapey.cc
  • rapey.co
  • rapey.is[3]
  • rapey.org
  • rapey.su
  • rapey.to

References[edit | edit source]