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"They like to use sockpuppets on Youtube to advance their opinions. One of their main blogging sites is here."

Have you got proof of this?

"Colttaine (does not like the Pro-male collective, but they like him)"

How do you know if they like him? They have done blog posts calling him out for enabling TFM.

Who did this page?

"They tend to spend more time complaining than proposing solutions. Some things they do stand for that does is not defined by opposition to something... is a UBI and a call for equal parenting (ie both parents work just as hard), and ocassionally they call for male separatism but deny they do so."

This is a really objective assessment. I am sure the person who wrote this has no axe to grind lol

no citations on this page, just bare assertions and misinfomation. I am pretty sure I know who did this page.

Just edit the page then, this wiki has many writers, but I'm not trying to censor you

Just edit the page[edit source]

If you don't like it, we aren't deleting it. The topic is fair use and we aren't claiming you all are incel.