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Incelization or incelification means to make someone incel. It is a gender-neutral and generalized version of the term cockblock. When you incelize someone, you stop them from copulating or forming a romantic relationship. In other words, you incelize someone when you swipe left on an android dating app, when you cold shoulder the girl sitting next to you who is eyeing you up while twirling and flicking her hair, when you friendzone your associate who asked you on a date, when you ghost someone who has texted you three times in a row, when you decline an invitation of someone with a twinkle in their eye asking you to "come over and watch a movie together" if you know what we mean.

Antonym[edit | edit source]

Its antonym is deincelization.

Process[edit | edit source]

It is the process of becoming a romanceless permavirgin. Incelization that derives from external factors includes cockblocking, clam-jamming, beaver-damning, friendzoning, ghosting, cold-shouldering, left-swiping, romantically unreciprocating, nonredamancy or to "blue ball" someone.

Past tense[edit | edit source]

The past tense of incelization is the term incelized. It means you have been configured into a state of inceldom or romancelessness due to being cockblocked, cold-shouldered or incelized.

Agent noun[edit | edit source]

The agent noun of the term incelization is incelizer. An incelizer is someone who turns you into a permavirgin (aka an incel); akin to a cockblocker. Incelizers, if they are women, are more commonly known as cockblockers. A extremely rare type of incelizer is a heterosexual man who who turns down a woman (also called a clam jammer). An example of an incelizer are the organizations and They were both Canada-based groups which self-described as "abolitionist", but in practise sought to make life even more miserable than it already was for escortcels.

Women are more likely to become incelizers than men. They do it for two main reasons: firstly, due to jealousy; they don't wish to be the odd one out that's sexless. Secondly, due to a collective subconscious (and sometimes overt) desire by women to preserve the worth of their vaginas by limiting its availability - i.e. making it seem scarce.

Agentive noun[edit | edit source]

The agentive noun of incelization is incelizee. An incelizee is someone who has been incelized; i.e. cocklocked, ghosted, rejected, etc.

By species[edit | edit source]

Against humans[edit | edit source]

It is a hypothesis proposed by IQcels that pertains to the belief that societal elements are one of the main factors driving people towards inceldom. These include an imbalanced sex ratio, absentee fathers, a hectic work schedule, a general trend towards social atomization etc.

Against animals[edit | edit source]

Male mammals don't only have to fear being incelized by their fellow species. Even humans regularly partake in cockblocking male mammals whose genes are undesirable - they regularly get casted aside from the gene pool. This is usually done via spraying, desexing, castration or neutering. As such, incelization has been happening against animals for millenia, with the intent of interfering with darwinian natural selection, by artificially selecting certain traits or qualities.

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