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Kakuhidou otherwise known as Kakuhido, is a Japanese, Marxist, half-tongue-in-cheek, anti-consumerist, MRA group of incels. Their full English name is, "Revolutionary Alliance of Men that Women find Unattractive". They perform non-violent public stunts in Japan like protesting Valentine's day in the street as 'Chocolate Capitalism'.[1] Kakuhido does public protests of Christmas, Valentine's Day, and White Day all that same year

A release for one of their anti-valentines-day parades reads:

the blood-soaked conspiracy of Valentine’s Day, driven by the oppressive chocolate capitalists, has arrived once again. In order to create a brighter future, we call for solidarity among our unloved comrades, so that we may demonstrate in resolute opposition to Valentine’s Day and the romantic industrial complex.


Warning: a group of ideological masculinists from braincels were fraudulently posing as Kakuhidou on Twitter and using their photos in a way that is not Fair Use on Twitter. It is advised to report them on Twitter.

This is the real Kakuhidou twitter: https://twitter.com/kakuhidou1

The real kakuidou appears to be neither masculinist nor feminist.

Example of chants they sing[edit | edit source]

"Valentine's day crush!"

"Do not be fooled by chocolate capital!"

"We are against Love capitalism"

"Freedom not to marry!"

"I will not get caught up in the love market!"

"We will resist the power against opportunistic geek culture that you can enjoy even with non-mote!"

"Do not discriminate against humans by the number of sex!"

Difference between Valentine's Day and White day in Japan[edit | edit source]

On Valentines day women buy chocolate and pralines for the men that they like. The men are then judged based on the quantity of chocolate they receive. On White Day men are supposed to give return gifts to women who gifted them chocolates on Valentine’s Day. More often the color of the chocolate is white because of the name of the day. Flowers, candies and other gifts are also popular along with the chocolates. Department stores have many advanced reminders with gift displays so men will have no excuse to forget about this special day which is important for women. Men are expected to give at least three times as much as the women gave. This rule is called sanbai gaeshi or 'triple the return'.

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  • Their site: [1]
  • Their official Twitter account [2]