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Neoliberalism or state-approved hyper-individualism promotes the theory that societal problems (like involuntary celibacy) should be reduced to and mainly addressed at the individual level. The theory values anti-coercion, individual consent, and agency above most things. Neoliberalism became the dominant mode of thinking in the West since Ronald Reagan and Margaret Thatcher, and is seen across almost all modern political parties. Neoliberalism is the main philosophy of the boards inceltears, kiwifarms, and

Self-described neoliberals use the term to describe a sort of ideological middling between those who want to dramatically reduce the role of government in addressing systemic societal problems and those who believe in a bare-bones welfare state. Resulting in a kind of public policy which tries to maximize market freedom within the constraint of a few poorly funded social programs.


Modern Usage[edit]

"Pull yourself up by your bootstraps", "sort yourself out", "women aren't responsible for men's happiness" etc are other neoliberal phrases that suggests that people or groups should succeed by themselves without outside help. This is a common interjection by economic conservatives against the poor, and also by chadsplainers and incelphobes against incelibates. Incels might also be reprimanded for supposed poverty or low social status, in a more conventional 'neoliberal' tone. Even people who claim to oppose neoliberal attitudes will often obliviously take such an attitude towards incels.

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