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Brian Gilmartin, the premiere incelist

Incelism or incel activism is any form of action taken to placate any of the negativities associated with inceldom that nearcels, truecels and incels may be going through. In other words, it is an antiableist and proactive form of cope.

Overview[edit | edit source]

However, due to a lack of participation by health bodies or social programs, most people experiencing from inceldom have shifted towards stoicism and ascetism as a survival mechanism, probably a byproduct of evolution-induced cope. Therefore nearcels, truecels and incels are mostly apolitical and incelists constitute a tiny fraction of incels. Nonetheless, some incelists have proposed going down the TLC Trust route which issues sex workers or girlfriends to people too challenged to find a partner without outside help.

Practical[edit | edit source]

Some incelists propose enacting practical solutions to inceldom.

Anaphrodisiacs[edit | edit source]

One practical solution to trueceldom could be taking anaphrodisiacs in an effort to reduce one's libido. These anaphrodisiacs help a person to no longer seem desparate, which may help their dating prospects, since desperation is a turn-off. It also helps hopeless incelibates for whom a sex drive is pointless.

Sexbots[edit | edit source]

Another possible solution to inceldom is subsidizing sexbots. The price range for currently existing sexbots seem to be too out of range for NEETcels. It may seem entitled to offer such financial grants to the sexual-have-nots, but it will probably lead to long-term returns in the end. That's because such truecels may finally come out of their glut if they believe that society, rather than scolding them, is being altruistic, and from the truecels' point of view, it will seem that such a society is worth investing in. The alternative could be to have a society of misfits that wish to see its downfall. Even if sexbots are too pricey to subsidize, the least we could do is to normalize the ownership of fleshlights.

Marriage[edit | edit source]

Some incelists, or others in the manosphere, propose tweaking modern marriage practises to remove some of the obstacles that prevent people from doing it:

  • Permitting or normalizing berdelism for poorcels who can't afford marriage.
  • Permitting wedleases for mentalcels who have one of various psychological issues such as commitmentphobia, traumatophobia, philophobia, aphenphosmphobia or pistanthrophobia. Wedleases may also placate those who view contemporary marriages as too bureaucratic.
  • Introducing egalitarian resource extractions that includes manimony if the current gynocentric vaginamony persists.

Fertility clinics[edit | edit source]

There is substantial evidence that men have a higher libido than women. In many places, there are also a higher number of men at the marriageable age than women. As such, the legal system should only permit "female" as a gender selection option at fertility clinics to decrease the gender disparity that currently exists in dating wherein women are the sexual gatekeepers.

Therapy[edit | edit source]

The repellent effect of nonredamancy is also experienced by nymphomaniacs and satyromaniacs. This is because nymphos and satyriacs, even if attractive push people away because they tend to be too desparate, thus creating an overlap in situations between incelibates and erotomaniacs. As such, it could be useful for incelibates to visit establishments that are also visited by sexaholics. One example is Sex and Love Addicts Anonymous. SLAA fortunately has a subsection devoted to what it calls "sexual anorexia" which it defines as "the compulsive avoidance of giving or receiving social, sexual or emotional nourishment." Another form of therapy includes Cuddle Party.

In the old defunct incelosphere websites, when getting therapy, it was often recommened getting a therapist of the same gender as oneself.

If society wants to help KHHV's, we could increase the number of massotherapists in society, and make the practise more affordable. That would at least alleviate the oxytocinlessness aspect of trueceldom.

Pride[edit | edit source]

The incelosphere has already developed an inceldom pride flag. Some within the incelosphere have proposed going the same route that the LGBT communiy went; increasing their own visibility, thereby normalizing themselves. One such proposal has been to organize pride rallies consisting of truecels, incels, nearcels and their allies, similar to LGBT pride evnets.

Political[edit | edit source]

Less confrontational methods include advocating for the legalization of sex work, economic assistance to develop sex robots to become more realistic and viable, subsidization of plastic surgery for truecels, developing laws that makes proactive cacophobia a misdemeanour, classifying misandristically motivated behaviour as a misdemeanour, developing fertility selection clinics that encourage a surplus of females, and teaching about red pill, self-esteem, seduction techniques and the pitfalls of hypergamy in classes, availability of anaphrodisiacs for teenage males and high-libido incels, as well as pro-choice laws with regard to euthanasia for truecels.

It would also help if journalists who trivialize inceldom as a pseudoscience or a myth lose their journalism license. The upside to this is that it will decrease the amount of people who trivialize what is obviously a serious social issue. Claiming inceldom is a myth merely serves to prevent society from rectifying this condition, and is only an incelphobic attempt at downplaying the predicament.

Economic[edit | edit source]

Some incelists have proposed economic measures that might serve the plight of those on the inceldom spectrum. one of these is galting. These incelists recognize that the main reason that society is apathetic towards inceldom is because, in the west, it is an issue that primarily affects men. If inceldom primarily affected women, society would pull no punches in attempting to alleviate the issue. As such it is pertinent for both incels and redpillers to recognize bluepillers (usually feminist) as the primary foe within our society.

The reason why inceldom is demonized either as a pseudoscience or as dogmatism is because modern society has been totally taken over by manhating gynocrats. These manhating gynocrats entirely overlap with the bluepill movement. Even though the broader manosphere often has completely different interests and goals from incels, sometimes you should sleep with the enemy. In the case of the manosphere, the enemy of our enemy is our friend. Since incels and the manosphere share an enemy, it would help if all of us merge. The redpiller, side by side with the MGTOW. The redpiller side by side with the blackpiller. And MRA's side by side with nofappers and PUA's.

In this merger, the most effective counter to bluepilled pontification is a boycotting campaign. Any news outlet that hosts bluepilled thoughts should collectively be identified. The manosphere as of today is weak. Websites are constantly brought down. Paypall accounts related to the manosphere are being closed. Advertisers are seeking cover. Even free speech is being terminated with blog comment hosting services such as Disqus constantly pressured to stop incels and manospherians from speaking to one another. Its possible that manospherians in general might be forced off the internet and onto the deep web.

The appropriate response is a divestment campaign.