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This is a list of notable Wikipedians.

  • Valoem is a historian of involuntary celibacy and other topics who writes on Wikipedia and seems to have given up pushing his involuntary celibacy article. He considers incel a 'non-notable neoligism', but thinks the topic of involuntary celibacy is worth having it's own page on wikipedia without using the word 'incel'.[1] Having seniority and being a high-profile Wikipedian, no one has banned him for being very active trying to legitimize the notion of involuntary celibacy on Wikipedia for years. The only known draft of an involuntary celibacy article on Wikipedia is in his userspace as of 2020.[2] It is unknown if he has contributed to this wiki or not.
  • Flyer22 was a feminist Wikipedian who edited (and apparently watchlisted) virtually every sex-related article on Wikipedia. She aggressively patrolled to try to catch banned users and report them to CheckUsers. She commonly claimed on her user page that she planned on cutting back her activity, but this never happened until 2020. Periodically she changed her user name as well, e.g. to Flyer22 Reborn, Flyer22 Frozen.[3] Despite her harsh stance against banned users, she herself was ironically at one time banned for sockpuppetry. She got out of trouble by saying she was crying about the situation. In another incident, she implausibly claimed that "her brother did it", which appears to be a common excuse.[4] She used to tag-team with Alison in getting users checked for sockpuppetry until Alison went mostly inactive; she then worked with Berean Hunter. She retired in December 2020 amid an arbitration case against her. She faked her death a month later on January 16th, 2021.
  • Jokestress is a male-to-female transgender user who thought she could dominate by accusing her adversaries of transphobia (for not using her preferred pronouns) and other violations of the rules. It didn't go over well. Like sexologist James Cantor, she made the mistake of revealing her real name openly, allowing others to look into her off-wiki activities, accuse her of "advocacy" and ban her from editing human sexuality articles.[5]
  • GorillaWarfare is the effective owner of current Wikipedia Incel Article. An article which was moved from 'involuntary celibacy', so Wikipedians could break less rules while slandering incels. She has been in the highest-court of Wikipedia multiple times and is a Wikipedia administrator. She has served in the highest profile ad campaign for Wikipedia in the past. She is very active on hot-topic pages.
  • Gamaliel is a "retired" Wikipedia admin who celebrated Wikipedia Arbcom declining a case on the Wikipedia incel article by posting a misandrist image on another person's talk page referencing, "drinking male tears" and self-identified herself and GorillaWarfare as 'anti-incel activists'. This admin's openly anti-incel activism regarding a page supposed to be NPOV didn't encounter any flack from any admins, suggesting widespread and high-influence internal wikipedia corruption regarding the Wikipedia incel article.
  • Grayfell, like David Gerard, mostly monitors articles about right-leaning movements or alleged right-leaning movements, removes primary sources even when they are the most reliable when it comes to documenting what a person has really said, and allegedly inserts misinformation cited to unreliable secondary sources.
  • Jorm is a former senior designer at the Wikimedia foundation. He was very active in tone policing the Wikipedia incel article to a non-neutral-point-of-view. He has stated he does not believe involuntary celibacy exists and has expressed extreme contempt for those who self-identify as incels. He has expressed a belief in pick-up-artistry.[6] He is very active on hot-topic pages and was also pictured on one of the highest profile Wikipedia ad campaigns.
  • FeydHuxtable is a Christian, a member of a Kindness promoting group on Wikipedia, and someone who has challenged the sensationalizing and negative tone on the incel article in 2020 on the incel talk page. Going in circles with anti-incels on Wikipedia, including :User:GMG. We suggest he just start editing this wiki, because unless he recruits admins outside the incel talk page to his cause, he will go nowhere in his advocacy.
  • Acroterion is a Wikipedia admin who questioned the neutrality of the Wikipedia Incel Article publicly, suggesting it was too negative/biased. He/she has since not followed up on their inquiry and sanctioned at least one incel sympathetic editor for 'POV pushing'. Acroterion seems to be a buddy of Berean Hunter, a CheckUser who often investigates and blocks suspected sockpuppets of banned users.
  • Jytdog is a controversial user who spends most of his time Wikilawyering. In 2018 he wanted to get an innocent incel permanently blocked ("indeffed" in wikispeak) because of, "SPA/NOTHERE rank advocacy", which translates into "single-purpose account whose operator does not intend to build an encyclopedia".[7] He had to leave the project after he allegedly called a user up at their workplace, which was viewed by some as an attempt at intimidation. But it is presumed that like JzG and many others who left and came back, he may hope to wait till this blows over and then return.
  • Oliver D. Smith is a controversial editor who performs sock-puppetry in order to inflame his targets. One of his sockpuppets influenced the ban of Rome Viharo in 2013.

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