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Jorm is a former senior designer at the Wikimedia foundation as described in his public wikipedia talk page as of December 2018. He is a Wikipedia editor and proud anti-incel. He was very active in tone policing the Wikipedia incel article to a non-neutral-point-of-view.

On his public talk page, Jorm expresses his belief in pick up artistry, and political intent to keep the 'incel' article biased, writing:

"As to my opinions about "incels": I don't think that anyone is "involuntarily celibate". It's a stupid term made up to allow dudes who have no interest in developing any game to foist the blame for their failures onto other people. I normally wouldn't give a shit, but it so happens that the echo chamber they created allows for the worst parts of our world to fester so what would normally be considered a bunch of whiny misogynists have become murderous misogynists. And I won't let them whitewash that away."
— Jorm[1]

He reverts the incel article along lines of, and, to Wikipedia admin tacit approval. He responds to almost all criticism from anyone he doesn't know on Wikipedia with some variation of "cool story bro", and reverts with comments like "nope" and then not going to the talk page for discussion thus violating

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