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Homosexuality is the sexual attraction to the same sex.

Lesbians seem to be mostly cute and harmless (possibly an adapted behavior of females living in harems), often feminists,[1] and of low significance for inceldom and society at large.[2] For this reason, this article will only cover male homosexuality.

Some forms of homoerotic behavior were accepted in 64% of the 76 cultures studied.[3] While bisexuality was very common in human history, men exclusively pursuing other men has probably always been weird due to how rare it is and for other reasons discussed below. Despite high levels of gay acceptance, only less than 2% of men identify as exclusively homosexual.[4] In much of Oceania, the Middle East, the Caribbean, Africa, and parts of Asia, homosexuality remains illegal and severely punishable, with some countries having a death penalty for it.[5][6]

Dominant vs submissive homosexuality[edit | edit source]

Access to sex with women is negotiated by dominance status among men.[7][8] Men who are too weak or incapable of competing for women are typically rendered incels.

All men are chronically horny because men's sex drive is higher than women's, so the easiest way for male incels to get consenting sex is to offer their boypussy to other horny men (cf. homocel hypothesis).[9] It has also been observed that peripheralized men (incels) can establish social ties with horny men of higher social standing this way, re-gaining their access to resources and potentially restoring some amount of reproductive success.[10]

Therefore, receptive gayness is associated with low status, and men can use accusations of gayness as means of intrasexual competition and reputation denigration to get ahead in the dominance game of impressing women. Omega males are of no use for betas, so betas exclude and bully them to foil any competitive threat that may arise.[11]

Supporting the idea that homosexual penetration can serve to signal status (or to diminish the status of rivals) there is evidence that homosexual penetration of another man is, arguably, the ultimate act of domination.

In Ancient Rome, gay sex was socially permissible among high status men who penetrated other men (the emperor Nero, for example, had a catamite which is a receptive homosexual slave, whom he had castrated),[12] but receptive homosexuals were deemed outlaws (infamia).[13] The Christian religion seemingly broke with Roman precedent by utterly condemning both forms of homosexuality, though Paul's condemnation of the act has been argued to reflect contemporary Roman ideas of the passive role being particularly shameful, as it places the receptive homosexual in the role of a woman.[14]

One striking historical example is the mass rape of Chinese male captives ordered by the Mongol Great Khan, Ogedei. Prior to the battle, the Chinese, thinking themselves secure with their superior numbers, boasted they would rape the Mongol's women after the battle. This was not an idle threat, as Mongol women often operated near the front lines in supportive roles. After the Mongol's victory, the Khan ordered that the thousands of Chinese captives should be sodomized to punish them for their impertinance. [15]

This type of thinking persists in modern modern times, for instance, homosexual rape (or the threat of it) is commonly used to emasculate rivals in prison (in addition to satisfaction of sexual frustration).[16] Authoritarian regimes have also made use of homosexual acts to torture and control dissidents, for example the inmates of prison camps in Pinochet era Chile were frequently sodomized by guards to break their will to resist.[17] Rape of male prisoners is still common in modern conflicts, for instance in the Civil War in the Democratic Republic of the Congo,[18] and the Bosnian civil war that occurred after the dissolution of Yugoslavia.[19] The Congolese men who were raped often reported being abandoned by their wives, who apparently coldly asserted that they were weak and therefore couldn't protect her. Many of the men who were raped in the former Yugoslavia claimed they were seen as outcasts in their own villages after the rapes.

There are reports of other middle-eastern cultures, such as war torn post-Gaddafi Libya, making common use of homosexual penetration or the penetration of subjugated men with objects as a means of diminishing the man's social status and will to resist his bondage.[20] Colonel Gaddafi himself was sodomized with a bayonet before being executed.[21] Another disgraced ruler that was dispatched in such a manner was King Edward II of England, a homosexual, who was claimed by some contemporary accounts to have been executed by having a heated poker shoved up his rectum, though this account has been hotly disputed.[22] Such acts also occurred during the First World War (the gang rape of Lawrence of Arabia by the Turks),[23] and the Syrian Civil War.[24] Arguably, the tale of Lot and the Sodomites in the Bible contains allusions to such behavior.[25]

The active-passive contrast in homosexuality was also prevalent in medieval Scandinavia and contemporary Latin America.[26] Pederasty, which is also an instance of homosexual power differentials, has flourished in many lower cultures, e.g. Indians of North America,[27] but also in a number of high cultures, including ancient Greece, medieval Islam (especially among Sufis), Japan (among the Samurai nobility), and Korea.[28]

Less violent forms of homoerotic behavior are arguably employed as signals of high status, for example Robison and Anderson from University of Winchester found that most highly confident and masculine men (sport athletes) do engage in homosocial tactility.[29][30]

Only a dominant man can afford to playfully kiss another man on his cheek in public and hold hands with him.

Androphilia as adaptation[edit | edit source]

Taken together, the passive and active roles in homosexuality may explain the otherwise maladaptive attraction to other men (androphilia) and the prevalence of homosexuality above what selection-mutation balance would predict. The penetratee can potentially regain access to resources also increasing his chances of reproductive success (allience formation theory),[31] and the penetrator can signal dominance which is especially conductive to male reproductive success.

Homophobia[edit | edit source]

Homophobia is the fear of being socially excluded for being regarded as gay. It is the fear that other men destroy one's reputation of one's willingness and ability to compete for women. Sexless beta or omega males (incels) hence avoid physical closeness to other men to avoid being seen as gay. They may also very vocally express their anti-gay views to avoid being seen gay. On the other hand, men who have already proven their competitive ability to get a woman, feel more relaxed around gays, especially since this can even act as a costly signal of their status.

Another hypothesis is that gays are avoided and excluded because they are seen as ineffective coalition partners when competing for women.[32] However historical male warrior societies like Sparta (mannerbund concept being typically correlated with homosexuality, see also the Stumabteilung (SA) in Nazi Germany, which was riddled with homosexuality, including the leader of the SA, Ernst Röhm, before the leadership was purged during the Night of the Long Knives) and Thebes (the legendary Theban band, made up solely of male homosexual couples) seem to seem to challenge the theory that homophobia results from poorer male group cohesion.

An alternate hypothesis claims that homophobia is not mediated by homosexual men being poorer coalition partners, but is instead caused by friction between men who seek to forge coalitions based on competence and accrual of resources vs men who forge alliances based on intimate homosexual relationships.[33]

Inceldom and homophobia[edit | edit source]

Many incels feel unease around men because they cannot demonstrate any heterosexual experience or ability to impress women and outcompete other men whatsoever, so they fear the male intrasexual competition of being accused of gayness.

Gay acceptance and homosocial intimacy[edit | edit source]

There is much historical evidence that intimacy between heterosexual males has declined with the acceptance of homosexuals. For example it used to be not uncommon for heterosexual men to exchange love letters:

You know my desire to befriend you is everlasting, that I will never cease, while I know how to do any thing.

—Lincoln to his friend Joshua Speed

I wish, my Dear Laurens, it m[ight] be in my power, by action rather than words, [to] convince you that I love you.

—Hamilton to John Laurens

Further, heterosexual men in Western countries used to hold hands, and boys used to cuddle more often.[34] Plausibly these activities acted as costly dominance signals as well. John Ibson documented this change with hundreds of photos taken throughout the past century.[35]

Explanations include that the expectation that men can be gay increases the fear that other men could be gay and thus male intimacy could lead to a greater risk of being regarded as gay (male intrasexual competition). Also decreasing gender segregation max have motivated more male intrasexual competition.[36]

Other explanations of homosexuality[edit | edit source]

  • Selection-mutation balance
  • Gay genes
  • Genes predisposing to homosexuality conferring advantage in heterosexuals, a kin selection effect, social prestige.
  • An increase in fecundity in the females related to the homosexual (feminine) genes from (related to selection-mutation balance).
  • Homosexuality being a medical pathology often caused by developmental disturbances
  • Pathogenic Theory of Homosexuality

References[edit | edit source]

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