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Blackpill Deutschland is a German blackpilled YouTuber who is a heightcel (167 cm ≈ 5' 6"), a mentalcel and a gymcel/looksmaxxer. He's presumably in his early-20s while working in an apprenticeship. [1]

Discovery of the blackpill[2][edit | edit source]

Being influenced by his parents (especially father), he was bluepilled until 2020 when he discovered redpill content through wanting to stop masturbating. He consumed redpill content for two years, regularly contemplating about how to be an alpha, get strong and how to attract women. He got "Just x, bro"-advice, getting told game and frame is everything it takes to get successful. It didn't work for him.

Later, in early 2023, he discovered and understood the blackpill. He believes Neurotypicality is at least as important the appearance, since he is diagnosed with Asperger's syndrome and ADD himself. After his discovery, LDARing became a prominent component in his life.

Rejections[3][edit | edit source]

All through out his life, he was rejected 5-6 times in his life. Those are the one's he mentioned:

  • In elementary school, he fell in love with a high-tier becky and confessed his feelings to her. She started crying, so he had to cry, too.
  • On an excursion with his class, he and his friends met a group of women and exchanged phone numbers. Afterwards, he started texting with a mid-tier becky and after sending a picture of himself, he was ghosted by her.
  • On another excursion with his class, as a 15-year-old, he asked a fast-food-cashier for her number but she rejected him "for being too young".
  • He fell in love with a female friend, confessed his feelings via texting and she rejected him since she "doesn't know him too well" and "isn't ready for a relationship".

Coping Strategies[4][edit | edit source]

  • He tries to eat a lot ("Foodmaxxing")
  • He smokes Weed (THC, HHC, HHC-P). He only recommendes it if you're not inclined to get addicted.
  • He tries to play video games to escape reality.
  • Back then, he regularly drank alcohol ("Alcoholmaxxing") but only made negative experiences with it (e.g calling old class mates or old friends while being drunk).

Due to him working under the week, he can usually only cope during the weekends.

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