Societally accepted bigotry

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Societally accepted bigotry describes how society only allows Chads, bullies, and celebrities to be offensive or dominating toward groups of protected and/or marginalized people. When people of low sexual success do the same (ESPECIALLY if they are ugly), it is somehow much worse than when other people do it. The same people who criticize others as bigoted usually themselves have massive intolerance towards a group or more of people, or selectively reserve criticism of certain bigots.

Most SJWs engage or enjoy various socially accepted bigotry generally, and thus have double standards.

Examples[edit | edit source]

  • Someone who defends South Park (a wildly racist and homophobic show) but criticizes others for being racist or homophobic
  • Someone who loves and defends Frank Zappa (a wildly, racist, homophobic and misogynist performer) but says Frank was "just doing satire"
  • Someone who defends Kiwi Farms as "exposing bigots", but ignores that Kiwi Farms is perhaps the most bigoted website in the world taken as a whole
  • A Chad doing racist or misogynist "roleplay" (BDSM) is OK, because it gives the woman an orgasm during sex, but an incel should never be extremely racist, controlling, or dominating
  • Feminist women who refuse to tolerate feminist men, stating that manly non-feminists are "just more honest"
  • People who say Michel Houellebecq and other authors who criticized female sexual nature indirectly were "misread"
  • Virtually any SJW that likes or defends rap music (a wildly misogynist, violent, and homophobic genre of music)
  • People who are against discriminating about sexual access (e.g. slut-shaming), but relentlessly make fun of incels
  • Someone who "calls out" an alleged bigot by making fun of their weight

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