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In artistic memes, the mooseknuckle or manbulge is the crotch bulge that is always conspicuous in Chad's green pants, which outside the incelverse may be referred to as a manbulge. Outside the incelosphere, the mooseknuckle is simply the analogous equivalent to the cameltoe in women, except causing the oppose effect by bulging out, unlike women, wherein a clothed crotch creates a suction effect due to the fact that the vulva has a slit effect due to the shape of the labia majora, hence creating a cameltoeing effect. The mooseknuckle is one of the most recognizable features of a Chad. Unlike with male normies and truecels who only have a mooseknuckle when wearing tight or thin clothing, Chad's mooseknuckle is constant and omnipresent, no matter what he wears.

Whereas normies resort to sidetucking, downtucking or uptucking into their waistband in order to hide their mooseknuckle in public, a gigachad is so macrophallic it is impossible for him to conceal it. He even has a mooseknuckle when wearing loose and baggy jeans.

Etymology of mooseknuckle[edit | edit source]


The etymology of the term mooseknuckle developed as a gesticulation with another term that has an etymological root based on hoofed and even toed mammals, cameltoe. This play on the word cameltoe keeps the root of the term pillared in ungulates.

Synonyms of mooseknuckle[edit | edit source]

The following are some synonyms of the word mooseknuckle:

  • VPL (visible penis line)
  • camel-tail
  • manbulge
  • dickprint
  • trouser snake

Normies[edit | edit source]

For normies, tight or thin clothing such as sweatpants may make them feel like a Chad because it reveals their mooseknuckle, since such clothing reveals the shape of the man's penis or testicles, i.e. the dickprint. Mooseknuckles usually become more prominent during an erection or semi-erection, as well as during warmer temperatures, when the testicles tend to hang further from the body. Briefs and similar undergarments for males are typically designed to allow a protrusion through the design of large pouch in the front center area to accommodate a penis and scrotum. This is because men and boys have larger external genitals in comparison to women or girls, thus requiring more fabric in the crotch area for tumescence. The female equivalent to the moose knuckle is the camel toe, which is similarly also visible when wearing tight clothing.

History[edit | edit source]

Historically, one form of clothing that accentuated the mooseknuckle was the codpiece[1]. The mooseknuckle is a prominent feature in gay magazines where such bulges are a part of sexual fetishism.

Statue of Cristiano Ronaldo

Chads[edit | edit source]

The male genital bulge is sometimes a feature of headlines when it concerns a chad, especially when it appears well endowed or when commentators view it as obscene. For example when a statue of Cristiano Ronaldo was unveiled much focus, both positive and negative, was placed on the fact that the sculptor prominently outlined his genitals.[2] Similar headlines occurred when Justin Bieber wore boxer shorts during a advert, wherewith discussion focused on the accompanying bulge, and the possibility of padding, photoshop or socks being used to enhance its size.[3] However, it remains unclear whether genital bulges overlap with laws regarding indecent exposure, whether its sporting constitutes a paraphilia, and whether it is a subset of exhibitionism.

Legality[edit | edit source]

Politician Anthony Weiner

In the western world, the Anglosphere probably has the strongest laws against public discernation of mooseknuckles. For example, in the UK, it is not unprecedented to have police forces search for you if your mooseknuckle is discernible in tight-fitting pants such as lycra.[4]

In the United States, prominent politicians have lost their careers after after making a selfie at home wherein their mooseknuckle was prominently discernible.[5]

Overview[edit | edit source]

Seeing a mooseknuckle can negatively affect people who suffer from phallophobia. The effects of freeballing can appear more pronounce if a man is freeballing, especially if he has naturally high-sitting testicles which may push the entirety of his genitalia forwards. Other scenarios wherein the mooseknuckle may occur is if a man is wearing grey sweatpants (especially if thin), has a compact scrotum combined with a large inner thigh, or if a man is a shower rather than a grower. The other condition that can lead to even worse forms of mooseknuckle is hulseyism. The crease created in the crotch when a man is sitting down is sometimes mistaken for a mooseknuckle. Some men with genital dysmorphia have been documented placing socks into their briefs to make their mooseknuckle appear larger.

Women on some discussion forums have indicated that the lack of a conspicuous mooseknuckle when aroused is the best thing about being a woman.[6] Some products have been created in recent times to deal with the mooseknuckle phenomenon, including specific boxers called "bloxers", as well as gaffs for the trans community. Prior to the existence of the gaff, scoping for a mooseknuckle was one of the main ways to differentiate a biowoman from a transwoman.

Although perceptions on a visible mooseknuckle can range from negative to positive, they are also sometimes viewed as comical, as slang terms for briefs can attest such as "budgie smugglers". Female reaction to the mooseknuckle depends entirely on whether the man is attractive. if he's attractive, his mooseknuckle is "hot", it is manly, and they will even feel flattered if it seems slightly engorged by assuming the guy was attracted to them. If the guy with the mooseknuckle is ugly, that mooseknuckle becomes creepy, rude and embarrassing. There is also a fetish called peodeiktophilia wherein the mooseknuckle is admired, and has several forums dedicated to this fetish.[7][8]

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