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Bloxers are a type of undergarment designed to hide a man or boy's mooseknuckle, specifically when he has an erection. Accordig to the androsphere, this especially pertinent in the 2010s in the post MeToo era where any hint of sexual suggestiveness lands a man in trouble.

The neologism bloxers is a portmanteau of block and boxers. The term was introduced in July 2015 through an Indiegogo campaign when the undergarments began being commercialized by Bloxers, Co., a company formed in February 2015 to produce and sell them. Their outside appearance is by and large identical to boxers. However, on the inside, the garment has a hypoallergenic stretch fabric along the inseam. Such inseams may be placed on the left, right or middle depending on whether the angle or direction of the wearer's erection. The primary purpose of the bloxer is to avoid embarrassment or awkwardness during spontaneous erections.[1]

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