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Chadstruck, also known by the euphemism "lovestruck", are the intense tingles a woman feels when she sees a Chad. The phenomenon can be explained by sexy sons hypothesis and/or by women's tendency to submit to the most dominant male available.

Symptoms include being besotted, infatuated and behaving irrationally. Sometimes there are long-term negative side-effects to becoming chadstruck such as a loss of empathy towards betas and omegas, particularly after being rejected by chad.[1][2] The ascended incel should never, NEVER take a woman to the movie theater on a date, especially a superhero movie. The girl will just get Chad-struck by the handsome hero saving the world in an hour and 30 minutes.

Being chadstruck can also refer to when a young woman births Chads children and never reproduces with a different male later in life.

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