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Governmentsgetgirlfriends was a Wordpress blog created by a Serbian sometimes-incelibate named Caamib. In this blog, he describes a pretty conservative and non-offensive solution to inceldom, more conservative than Toby Young's solution and others in the mainstream 2018 press who pushed for sex robots or full-on prostitution to deal with inceldom. Caamib's solution was basically like subsidized first dates enacted by a democratic government, no sex slavery or anti-democracy involved:[1]

Government should offer women money to go on blind dates. These women would freely apply for such program, as would incel men. Every woman would have a limit of 30 dates. If she doesn’t find a suitable partner during those 30 days she will be fired to prevent scammers – however, she would be paid the full sum, as would a woman who finds a partner during one of these 30 dates.


Given Caamib never mentioned a gendered tax for the program like RooshV's Complimentary Heterosexual Affections Directive, one of the results of Caamib's program would be income inequality in favor of women, a massive wealth transfer to women, which might be a problem as women already have more personal wealth than men in the US, as well as more income opportunity.

Controversy[edit | edit source]

The title of Caamib's blog attracted ire and controversy, with some people assuming it was a call for a government round-up of women for men to rape. However, those people never actually read the blog post or didn't understand it.

Politics[edit | edit source]

Despite people portraying his proposal for 'governmentgetsgirlfriends' as fascist or undemocratic, Caamib on February 8th 2013 drew up a draft platform as an independent for the Croatian parliament on his governmentgetsgirlfriends blog, including a devotion to democracy and anti-fascism[2], stating:

"anti-fascism is not only a civilizational attainment but a principle point of view of every free individual in a free society" --Caamib


"I would aggressively tried to spread the view that promotion of fascism isn’t a democratic right to a different opinion, for there isn’t and can’t be any democracy for opponents of every democracy and expressing of other opinions" --Caamib

The draft platform was satiric[citation needed] and he had no interest in actually running in the election. His views on politics had obviously changed since. In 2013, he changed the name of his Wordpress blog, which also contained general discussion on involuntary celibacy, to thatincelblogger. In 2014 a further change was enacted to the current name Caamib.

References[edit | edit source]