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A good-looking loser, in the four-quadrant alpha/beta characteristics matrix rating men by their characteristics, is a man who is well-equipped by genetics to obtain casual sex but may struggle maintaining a more serious relationship due to his lack of beta characteristics, including betabuxx. Such men, who often are among the criminal class (most commonly, falling into the category of financially unsuccessful criminals), have been known to potentially father many children by single moms. The website Good Looking Loser gives advice for men in this quadrant on looksmaxxing. Since a good-looking loser is not marriage material, a woman who finds that all the rich Chads and betabuxxes are taken, and who does not desire to settle for casual sex and/or single momhood, may opt to forgo having sex and become a spinster instead. Likewise, some good-looking losers who lack interest in having sex with sluts may opt for volceldom.

The YouTube channel Shannon Rice Lewis often contrasts the betabuxx Steven A. Poindexter to the good-looking loser (or more specifically, the irresponsible tweaker who is good in bed) who is his wife's baby daddy and constant nemesis and albatross around his neck, threatening to get back together with his baby mama or otherwise using his parental prerogatives to interfere with their relationship.[1]

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