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The beta uprising occurs when animals in a dominance hierarchy become dissatisfied with the current alpha animal and band together to overthrow it such that a new leader can be negotiated. Among incels, the beta uprising is a more and less serious threat as a reaction to the increasingly dire dating situation they experience, referring to themselves as betas, referring to truecels, neets, wagecucks and sympathetic low-tier failed normies, rebelling against Chads, Stacys, cockblockers, bluepiller and high-tier normies, possibly intending to implement sexual Marxism. Some Beta Uprisers are simple paranoid about an future incelicide. Although most within the incelosphere view it as a satirical meme, a small minority take it seriously. Alek Minassian, an Armenian-Canadian, referred to it as the "incel rebellion". A Gandhistic variation of the Beta Uprising is galting. The beta uprising can be seen as a reproductive strategy (although an unsuccessful one, if it results in death).

Beta uprising have been observed in chimps:

Both Nikkie and Yeroen became less submissive toward Luit and resisted his interference more and more often. When the leader displayed at the two of them, they were no longer intimidated. Yeroen began to scream and furiously attacked Luit while Nikkie kept close to Yeroen with his hair on end, as if he were threatening Luit. Nikkie gradually became more successful in separating the other two males. Luit tried to stop him doing so, but if Nikkie persisted, Yeroen would walk away from Luit leaving Luit powerless to alter Yeroen's decision. In short, the balance seemed to be shifting in favor of a coalition between the beta and the gamma males, which represented an extremely serious threat to the alpha male. The ever-increasing unrest culminated six weeks later in a massive fight. In the weeks leading up to the fight, first Nikkie and then Yeroen stopped "greeting" Luit, and the two males gradually moved closer and closer to a real coalition-a coalition that in 1980, three whole years later, was still as strong as ever.

— Frans de Waal's "Chimpanzee Politics: Power and Sex Among Apes".

Incel Wiki does not support or condone advocating or doing a "Beta Uprising".

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