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Weebs.fun was a weeb forum soft-launched by Leucosticte and Zesto on 4 December 2017. The site was dedicated to discussing the weebpill and otaku culture. Zesto has left and Leucosticte has taken over with FeminismIsCancer.

Fall[edit | edit source]

Leucosticte has unfairly banned most of the users and admins and relentlessly orbited a black female named Pandoroux, who usually goes by Neonraven. He has banned her multiple times because she wouldn't solicit nudes to him.

Demise[edit | edit source]

The site was taken down and redirected to Incels.is on Groundhog Day, 2019, following unsuccesful efforts by Leucosticte and FeminismIsCancer to get the site functioning reliably. Leucosticte opined that the same causes of his and FiC's inceldom, viz., that they lacked the technical competence to succeed in a tech-related career by which they could try to betabuxx their way into a successful relationship with a femoid, also worked to prevent them from running a successful forum. But the site is back up now and user count is at an all time low.