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Sow Believers 母豬教 or Sow Teachings (depending on the translation) refers to Taiwanese men who are dealing with the fact that Taiwanese village women will only date economically productive men. Various male communities have formed on Taiwanese BBS boards devoted to dealing with singledom they believe arises from women who will not settle.

Definition of Sow[edit | edit source]

A distasteful woman is called a Sow or 母豬教 or breeder female hog in these BBS communities. The use of this phrase to criticize a promiscuous women dates back to at least Song Dynasty China.[1] The typical behavior of the sow is apparently largely defined by promiscuity in her younger years, and then looking for a 'recycler' or betabux when she is ready to 'settle down'. Sows also engage in other stereotypically foidy behaviors, like feminist utterances, using their life on tutorial mode to financially exploit men, by getting men to pay for their extravagant dining, holidays etc., and using men as free transportation providers [2] etc. The term is also(somewhat controversially in the community [3]) used to refer to old women, ugly women, fat women, and (sometimes) women who date foreigners.

BBS[edit | edit source]

The most popular BBS community for self-identified sow believers is now

Common Behaviors Among the Self-identified[edit | edit source]

As mentioned earlier, men, mostly engineers or STEM-related workers who date the Sows after the Sows have ridden the cock carousel are called recyclers in the forums. Recyclers being the Taiwanese equivalent to betabuxxers.[4] Sow believers accuse many Taiwanese women of only dating educated men as ATM machines in their later years.[5] Self-identified Sow Believers believe that promiscuous women are irresponsible.[6]

Criticism[edit | edit source]

Sow Believers have been broadbrushed and criticised by feminists, especially in their home country, in many of the same ways incels in the West have. They were accused of misogyny, but since their main ideology was NAWALT (Not All Women Are Like That) as they claimed that they only hate the "Sows", not all women; such claims were incorrect.

Taiwanese Femcels[edit | edit source]

There also exist females who identify as Sow Believers, in a manner somewhat analogous to femcels. [7]

Origin[edit | edit source]

A popular Taiwanese BBSer named Obov was interacting with a popular female Taiwanese BBSer who would complain in a daily public diary that she was suffering from depression because she could not find a doctor to have a relationship with. Obov responded to her by saying, "Sow sow, crying at night".[8] This angered the female villagers who then tried to ban him from the BBS boards. Because other Taiwanese netizens found Obovs posts funny, Obovs popularity grew fast, and his posting were referred to as sow teaching", with Obov as the "sow teacher".

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