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"Introspective Black Men of Reform"

Introspective Black men of reform (IBMOR) are Black men who are dedicated to "self-study and self improvement" with the goal of eventual removal of both White supremacy and Black matriarchy in the Black community. They believe in the necessity of a Black patriarchy. IBMOR is an incel community as they do self-identify as incels and are politically oriented. They are related to the MGTOW movement.

IBMOR TENETS: 1. We believe in heterosexual black male leadership. We understand that women are only here for sex and reproduction. Females should never be given authority in society or over men in any way. Men should never cater to women in any way.

2. We believe in the brotherhood of black men who recognize the problems of White Supremacy and matriarchy. Through this brotherhood, we will eventually secure land, declare a nation, and build a technologically advanced military to defend that nation.

3. We believe in strengthening ourselves mentally, physically, and financially. This requires that we increase our knowledge, maintain regular exercise, consume mostly organic foods, and avoid any addictive man-made or natural substances. We also believe in turning paper money into tangible resources (gold, silver, diamonds, etc).

4. We do not believe in marriage within the current gynocentric system of White Supremacy.

5. We know that the illusion of submission is the best that a woman can offer a man under this gynocentric system of White Supremacy. A woman is only truly submissive when society doesn't give her a choice.

6. We believe that homosexuality and lesbianism represent the death of a people because no children are produced out of such unions.

7. We do not believe in arguing with females. Women "feel" the world. They don't "think" the world. So you cannot change a female's mind by way of entreaties or logical argumentation. The only action that will change a female's mind is force. Denying a woman your attention is the most effective way to deal with females in the current system of white supremacy.

8. As far as interracial relationships are concerned, you can have sex with women of another race. After you become iBMOR, you can no longer reproduce with women of another race. Doing so weakens our genetic code.

Adigun Forest[edit | edit source]

Adigun is the founder of IBMOR and as of late-2018 is still making content.

VVS[edit | edit source]

An IBMOR vlogger named VVS eventually started doing anonymous incel vlogging in November 2018.

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