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Fapathy is a blend of the words "female" and "apathy" which usually refers to the female tendency to disregard the importance of sexuality for men, thereby normalizing loneliness or sexual frustration. It may operate from the sex-negative feminist tendency of desexualization through the promotion of sexuality as something equivalent to a dispensable hobby and applies it to especially to aromantic allosexual men. Although fapathy is largely a feminine trait, you don't have to be female to enact it.

Coccyx fallacy[edit | edit source]

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The coccyx fallacy is an informal phallusy commonly used by those with a low libido, borderline asexuals, bluepillers and/or incelphobes against blackpillers and members of the incelosphere. Its users downgrade sexual activity to "hobby" status, and thereby consign sexual activity into something that is dispensable. This line of thought is fallacious because according to scientific research, sexual reproduction is an imperative if not the key evolutionary function of vertebrates. This argument is also fallacious among academic anthropologists and educators such as Sidney Katz whom regard sex as an ADL (Activity for Daily Living), akin to sleep or hygiene. You don't even need to be a university professor to realize the coccyx fallacy is hogwash. Any healthy person who has been through puberty realizes that sexuality is innately ingrained within human DNA. Besides sex, a lack of human contact severely damages the human body and mind which is corroborated by suicide rates among those in solitary confinement. The quintessential coccyx fallacy users equate the human sex organs as if they are some sort of human vestigiality. Hence the term "coccyx fallaxy" because the coccyx, like other vestigial organs, has been found to be a remnant of a bodypart that humans' ancestors once needed but is now more-or-less useless.

Common fapathetic phrases[edit | edit source]

  • "sex is overrated anyway"
  • "you won't die if you don't have sex"
  • "why are you so obsessed with sex anyway?"
  • "just find another hobby other than sex"

Fapathetic people[edit | edit source]

A fapathetic person is a bluepilled involuntary celibate person who has internalized the fapathetic message because it so common, both among normies and in the mainstream media. Despite having a healthy sex drive, the fapathetic will subconsciously tell themselves that they should ignore those urges, pretend those urges don't exist, or even use anaphrodisiacs to alter the testosterone levels in their body if their horniness becomes too overwhelming. The fapathetic has essentially been duped into desexualizing themselves so that they should turn a functioning organ into something that is theoretically functionless.

Further discussion[edit | edit source]

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Perfect illustration[edit | edit source]

At the time-stamp of 2:02:40 of the following video, you see the aforementioned trope in action, whereby a woman appears to be equating sex with a hobby that one could simply do without:

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