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Trapper (aka Chincel) is a Swedish former incel who ascended by SEAmaxxing (Geomaxxing).

He joined the incel community sometime in 2018. Communicating, initially using the moniker WhiteShariahNow on the forum; he became active on incel discord servers shortly after.

Trapper and James FT[edit | edit source]

Trapper met fellow incel (and future SEAmaxxer), James FT, on a discord server. At the time, James FT was depressed and seemed hopeless. Some months later, James FT had successfully SEAmaxxed and ascended with many women. This was the spark that pushed Trapper into SEAmaxxing.

Trapper travels to Thailand[edit | edit source]

In late 2018, Trapper made the trip to Thailand. Upon arrival, he installed Tinder and started swiping immediately. He accrued many matches in the first 24 hour period. However, the matches soon stopped and he found himself burning through many of the matches he had. He took advice from James FT and purchased a premium, Tinder Gold Plus subscription. Utilising the "Boost" feature of Tinder, he soon found himself inundated with matches and messages. Shortly after, he secured his first date.

First date[edit | edit source]

Trapper posted the full details of his first date on a discord server. He took his date to the cinema. Whilst the movie was playing, she became very affectionate towards him and they proceeded to kiss and fool around. Trapper was given a handjob by his date (though not to completion). He asked his date to be his girlfriend and they starting dating as a couple from that point onwards.

Full ascension[edit | edit source]

Shortly after the first date, Trapper ascended with his newfound love.

Return home[edit | edit source]

Trapper returned to Sweden after several weeks with his Thai girlfriend. He was hopeful and revitalised by this experience.

IncelCon London - 2019[edit | edit source]

Trapper was one of the incels who attended the infamous incelCon in the summer of 2019.

Regret and Radicalisation[edit | edit source]

Some months after Trapper returned to Sweden, he became actively involved in the White Nationalist movement. He posted many messages expressing his regret of SEAmaxxing. He was ashamed to have fallen in love with a Thai woman.

Whoremaxxing/Escortcelling[edit | edit source]

In 2021, as predicted by Jack Peterson, many things changed in Trapper's life. Most noticeably, a seemingly meaningless encounter with a stunning, high-end escort led to his ascension. He initially hired the escort as a client. However, she took an interest him and the next time they met was on a date. Trapper "wined-and-dined" this escort and as the night went on, he ascended multiple times with her. This date was not paid. In other words, it was an actual date. Trapper has been rejuvenated; he is now hoping to gain employment and enjoy post-inceldom life. In his own words: "Inceldom has been cancelled".

Current[edit | edit source]

He is currently active on Discord. He lives in his father's apartment in Sweden.