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An inceldom enabler is a person who either knowingly or unknowingly promotes the phenomenon of inceldom.

Examples[edit | edit source]

  • Some nefarious figures perceive that they may gain social status through the act of mystifying the notion of sex. Acts associated with sexuality were historically regarded as one of the Maslow needs which were primary practical, and with minimal mysticism associated with it. However, once erotic conglomerates began to see just how profitable it would be to commodify the act of sex, by necessity, the act became increasingly mystified. These conglomerates do this by the societal promotion of mixoscopia, also known as pictophilia, scoptolagnia or scopophilia (arousal from viewing sex) rather than copulation (actual sex).
  • Another purveyor of inceldom, or an inceldom enabler, is the sex-negative feminist. Although when pressed, she insists she seeks to promote a healthy form of sexuality, in reality she's a participant in the ideological sex war called "Maslowism vs Fapathy". The fact that the sex-negative feminist rejects Maslowism is an indictment on her claim that she promotes healthiness, since rejecting a fundamental aspect of human development and nature (i.e. Maslowism) is obviously unhealthy.
  • Another constituent of the inceldom-enabler is the one who seeks to benefit from the existence of social stratification wherein able-bodied people are considered more valuable due to being more competent. In the more extreme stance, this would take the form of societal acceptance of ableism, i.e. discrimination against handicapped people. In the more subtle or subdued stance, this takes the form of societal promotion and normalization of demisexuality (emotional attachments) even for people who are alexithymic, asocial, very introverted, have emotional detachent etc. as opposed to acceptance of those who are purely allosexual or are aromantic allosexuals. Since aromantic allosexuality is predominantly a male trait, by extension, this would also constitute a form of androphobia.
  • Semi-theocratic states such as The Vatican and Saudi Arabia (as well as its off-shoots such as UAE and Qatar) also have a hand in being inceldom enablers. The main source of their inceldom-enabling nature is the fact that they push for attitudes related to sex-negativity.

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