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Fronthole is the politically correct term for women and transwomen. The term is the ultimate expression of feminism, and typically refers to pro-abortion people. The term is considered offensive due to reducing women and transwomen to a hole, or an absence of substance, which is quite appropriate for modern feminists.

Not only is the term incredibly offensive, it is also inaccurate, as are many things coming from the trans-left. True and honest women will argue that their hole is in the middle, not in the front. This is a reflection of their butthurt over men replacing them and being allowed to jack their feminine penises in the ladies room.

There are those who claim that the mouth is the anatomically correct front-hole, but these people can be safely discounted as leftoids trying to discourage the use of this term to refer to women and transwomen. Fronthole is the correct term for women and transwomen, and can not be changed now.

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