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Faisal Hussain was an Arabcel of Pakistani origin who is responsible for the 2018 Toronto incel spree shooting that occurred on Danforth Avenue in the Greektown neighbourhood of Toronto, Ontario. According to The National Post, Faisal Hussain had a "dark obsession with death, violence and 'incel' ideology". [1] Police on searching Faisal and his property found a copy of a manifesto by Elliot Rodger, images of him, as well as stories Alek Minassian[1].

Biography[edit | edit source]

According to The National Post, "Hussain’s dark obsessions started early."[1] As a child was found drawing a man being cheered by a demon for decapitating a woman, and vocally admiring the Columbine school shooters . Faisal had no criminal record but had several interactions with police before the doing his incel shooting. He was 29-years-old at the age of the shooting and police say the "Hussian's family did not 'even know him that well and what he was up to.'"[2] He has a twin brother. [3]

Description of the Shooting[edit | edit source]

Search warrants unsealed two months after the shooting showed that Faisal had stood over a woman and shot her four times during a incel shooting rampage that ended with Faisal shooting himself in the head. Faisal has twin brother had tried to persuade him to turn his life around several hours before the incel shooting spree, but by the time his twin brother made his arguments Faisal had already tuned him out. [3]

There was an Indian witness to the shototing, a man named Jaspal Singh. [4] Hussain said to Jaspal, “Don’t worry, I’m not going to shoot you." After that Hussain killed 18-year-old Reese Fallon and 10-year-old Julianna Kozis Thirteen other persons became victims and were injured but where not killed, ranging in age from 17 to 59, as Hussain fired at pedestrians and businesses.[4]

Stats on Arabcel shooters in the Anglophone Americas[edit | edit source]

Faisal Hussain is a notable Arabcel (arabcel is a portmanteau of "arab" and "incel") . The angolophone americas (countries in North and South Americas that are majority English-speaking) include the United States, Canada and other countries like Belize and Dominica. It is a statistical reality and fact that a higher percentage of Hussain's ethnic group (arabs, berbers, libyans, iranians, ect.) become incel shooters, which occurs at a higher frequency and rate in Hussain's ethnic group than any other ethnicity. One can caluclate this figure by gathering data on all the incel spree shooters (i.e. every incel shooting that has ever happened in the anglophone americas) and categorizing the shooter by their ethnicity . After gathereing data on the ethnic makeup of the anglophone americas (i.e. population sizes for each ethnicity in countries part of the anglophone americas), one would divide the number of shooters into the total population size of each ethnicity to yield the per capita number of incel shooters per ethinicty. Conducting this statistical analysis will yield the result in which of all the ethnicities in the world, the one most statistically likely to become incel shooters is the Arabcel. Faisal Hussain was of course an important part of this statistical truth and reality, and is part of a growing global growth in Arabcel populations.[5]