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"Hormones of happiness" is a non scientific expression which designates four hormones which are thought to have a large impact on one's hability to be happy: serotonin, dopamine, oxytocin, and endorphins. It is likely that the role of those hormones is not fulfilled for various reasons among incels, as incels tend to have a marginal or maladaptive way of life.

Serotonin[edit | edit source]

Serotonin Overdose[edit | edit source]

Serotonin Syndrome[1] is rare but commonly caused by street drugs, or misuse of psychiatric drugs. Its main symptom is twitching and tremors.

Dopamine[edit | edit source]

See also: Motivation and demotivation

Anhedonia - the lack of experiencing pleasure and lack of motivation - may result from the breakdown in the brain's reward system, involving the neurotransmitter dopamine. Anhedonia can be characterised as an "impaired ability to pursue, experience and/or learn about pleasure, which is often, but not always accessible to conscious awareness"[2]

High Dopamine and the Psychosis Spectrum[edit | edit source]

Oxytocin[edit | edit source]

Oxytocin molecule.

Oxytocin is a hormonal chemical that is released when a person is touched, hugged or when they have sex. It also increases empathy and communication skills. People on the inceldom spectrum have notoriously low oxytocin levels. Women naturally have much higher oxytocin levels than men.


One study found that social isolation in older adults results in increased sleep disturbance, depressive symptoms and fatigue.[3] Reid Mihalko is an incelologist who has conjured up a physical touch form of therapy whereby one could treat non-sexual symptoms of inceldom through cuddling. A lack of oxytocin is called oxytocinlessness.

Endorphins[edit | edit source]

Relationship with Learning Hormones[edit | edit source]

"Happiness Hacks"... Notice how Acetylcholine and GABA is missing?

Eric Braverman[4][5] believed that personality and hormones are directly correlated to one another, which his survey[4] can be used as a tool for disposing mental issues, based on excess and deficiencies. Andreas Hofer took his idea, and predicted that certain personalities often appear along side certain belief systems and body typologies (i.e. Fatcel and Framecel has some correlation). There are major problems in avoiding these two hormones: that they can cause non-social equivalents of Brain rot, but they are not in the public spotlight compared to chemicals that are related to hedonism (dopamine and serotonin).

GABA (The Calming Hormone)[edit | edit source]

GABA is often seen as the diametric opposite of Dopamine, as it calms instead of excites. Lacking it can worsen mood and anxiety disorders, panic disorder, and ADHD. Consumption of glutamine from protein sources, stress reduction, exercise and herbal supplementation[6] are effective to raise GABA. Zinc (eggs/meats/beans/dairy) and Opioids (pain-killers) however will not be helpful[7].

Acetylcholine (The Learning Hormone)[edit | edit source]

Acetylcholine is seen as the diametric opposite of Serotonin, as it aids focus instead of relaxation. Lacking it can lower cognition, while having too much can cause depression. There are multiple ways of raising it[8], including the consumption of Choline through eggs, meat, beans and dairy, herbal supplements, and the usual suspects[9] of sleep, stress reduction, resistance training and meditation. Endocrine disruptors (Fatcel inducers), Nicotine (smoking), Butyric Acid (rancid fats), BCAAs, and Glycine however are generally bad[9].

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