Motivation and demotivation

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Motivation and demotivation.

General motivation[edit | edit source]

Motivation is mostly due to dopamine.

Mate-seeking motivation[edit | edit source]

A theory often found on the internet is that most people get motivation to perform as well as possible in life if they believe performing well will bring them a mate or improve the quality of their mate pool. It is unknown if this theory is validated by science.

Moreover, some anecdotal evidence seem to support the fact thinking one has a chance to get into a relationship with a precise individual can motivate them in their everyday life, as it gives their day, week, month or year an ultimate goal to fulfill.

Incels often lack those motivations in dating due to negative feedback loop in dating - or in social life in general in some cases - which makes them think it's over for them when it comes to dating and relationships. If the first theory is true, it could explain why some incels end up becoming NEETs.

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