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Involuntary celibates have some of the lowest levels of STDs in the world. This is because most inceldom-experiencers do not have sex, so they cannot catch any. In terms of their sexuality, most people on the inceldom spectrum are normophilic, allosexual and heterosexual. Involuntary celibates tend to lack the hormone oxytocin which may lead to various social and physiological stunting such as a being detached from knowledge of social bonding.

Truecels, nearcels and incelibates also tend to have low oxytocin levels. Due to most health services ignoring inceldom, some people experiencing it languish in dree culture.

There are ignorant people who claim that sex is optional for allosexuals and that allosexuals don't need sex. Multiple forms of data and studies suggest the opposite; that sex is the ultimate anti-depressant.[1]

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